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I'm Writing a Web Novel People


Greetings folks, it's been a while since my last blog. For a quick update on that to those of you not keeping up with the news, Fast Track got to the senate and would have passed, but then those badasses representing in the house said "Hell naw, dawg!" and smacked that shit out the way. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

As some of you may have gathered from my Shit Box series that ended prematurely, I enjoy writing. Well, what none of you know, is that for a while now I've been wanting to write a web novel, and had been considering doing so through Destructoid until I gave up my weekly blogging because of growing discontent with the website. I was hesitant to begin my writing on this novel because of your lack of love for my forum style no pictures posts, but after months of dragging my feet, I've finally bothered to take some initiative.

Earlier this morning I opened up a WordPress blog, Chist Stories, where I plan to publically write and publish my web novel, Ackland: The Tale of an Archmage. While there's only a teaser at the moment, I plan to begin regular updates starting next Monday, and releasing at least once every one to two weeks. Now I know self promotion of off-website blogs is frowned upon if not outright disallowed, but I feel that this is a unique enough case that it's justifiable. WordPress works better for my forum-y posts, and, I feel, is a good outlet for my writing for the time being.

Now as a startup, I don't really have many avenues of gaining followers or support. So if you read the teaser, or come back for the first official entry, I would greatly appreciate a show of support. Comments, feedback, criticism, follows, word of mouth, anything you can offer I will greatly appreciate, and I hope I can write something good enough to live up to any support you offer. You guys are an awesome community, and I apologize for the shameless self promoting.

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