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Alright, what did I miss?

Over the last year or so I have fallen so far out of the loop when it comes to videogames that it feels like the loop has tightened to the point where it’s now more of an incomprehensible knot. What was once a kind and friendly f...


Kickin' it Old School with Might and Magic VII

Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor sits atop a pedestal in my mind which casts a shadow so perfect and voluptuous that no current generation title deserves to even stand in it. And so, with the announcement of Might and Magic X earl...


A Sordid Love Affair: Apparently I Like Anime Now

As I understand it, the world is literally full, yes literally full of great anime shows. Go on, look outside – ANIME! Look back inside – ANIME! See, good anime is everywhere… don’t inhale it though. That being said, I can completely unders...


An ode to Dark Souls (Spoilers ahoy!)

It came as bit of a suprise to everyone when Demon's Souls turned out tbe be excellent, and even more of a suprised to From Software when it performed well. It became a radical cult hit, exceeding all expectations and shipping app...


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