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A game music retrospective: Akira Yamaoka

  He's one of the greats in game composition, who has (very arguably) moved onto lower quality titles in later years. Renowned for his memorable work on the Silent Hill soundtracks - with the notable exception of Downpou...


The ethics of selling an incomplete game

A couple of days ago, We Happy Few was released on Steam and XBox One; it attracted a lot of attention because of its familiar but still attention-grabbing themes, such as survival horror and 1960s dystopia elements. Comparisons were d...


Why I'm disappointed about the NX rumours

My history with Nintendo consoles is admittedly rather mixed. My first home consoles were the Sega MegaDrive and the PS1; I had never even picked up an NES or an SNES gamepad until I attended a retro gaming event in December last year,...


A few thoughts on homebrew games development

I was at a party last weekend for Evo 2016, and I was scrolling through my Facebook feed while watching the Twitch stream. I came across an article reporting that an Argentinian programmer was putting together a from-scratch version of...


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