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(Re)building after a broken image. PART 2


Since the release of the second episode, I have been filming a lot test shots. For every new idea I�ve had, I filmed an improvised scene to see how it looked. Sadly, nothing worked. Everything felt like a �good sequence that cannot evolve beyond a certain point�. For example, a few close-up shots of a character explaining something may be great for a scene but eventually, it gets mundane and it needs to evolve. Granted, in some cases it works (�The Feel Again (Stay)� by Blue October) but most of the time, it comes off as dull.

I think that the main problem I am having is that I want to be creative artistically rather than mentally. I am more interested in the visuals than the content. In a way, my bachelor�s degree in filmmaking has a powerful hold on me. I don�t want to be in front of a camera acting out a script I wrote; I want to adapt something and use an actor or actress. Sadly, with my �colossal� budget (0$), I have no choice but to do everything myself.

So, what now? Well, to be honest, I really don�t know. I could easily go back to the same format as the first episodes but with the suggested modifications. My only issue with this is that I see myself fighting an uphill battle artistically and with Internet viewers. I can easily imagine getting tired of making the same thing over and over again. I need some kind of an artistic angle to feel like every episode is a challenge. Also, convincing viewers that the updated version is better will be very difficult, especially if it only has a few tweaks.

So what direction should be taken? I have no idea but I am sure of one thing: it has to change enough to stimulate both the audience and I.
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