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The Value of a Videogame

To date there is no game whose influences and artistry are as publically recognized as something like Van Gogh�s Starry Night. However, Mario from is as much of a recognizable symbol from video-games as Van Gogh is for the impressionist sty...


Context Insensitive - Keep an Eye on Damian Sommer

A 2D platformer game must offer something unique; otherwise you might as well fall back upon decades of Italian plumbing pedigree. The genre is saturated, absolutely drenched, with independent and small studio ventures trying to shake up th...


Why You Should Play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Today is the last day of Chivalry's free steam weekend. If you've yet to try Chivalry, I aim to convince you it's worth the download. This is not a game you want to pass up. Torn Banner Studios sells you a small sandbox with steel swords...


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