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Left 4 Dead to Rise Like a Zombie on the PS3??

In my spare time, I like to dig up graves and defile corpses. Why? I really don�t know but my psychiatrist is trying to help me figure it out. She tells me that we�re making such good progress though. I�m pretty sure she�s into me.

Anyways, while on one of my late night romps, I came across a corpse that had been so butchered up it was almost beyond recognition. Almost. What I had uncovered again was the mangled remains of Left 4 Dead on the PS3. Yeah, I�m going there.

Left 4 Dead had an on-again/off-again relationship with the PS3. It seemed like just about every hour during the summer came a different rumour report of its PS3 development, or lack thereof. In the end though, the PS3 love was not to be.

But that may change.

As a PS3 owner without a 360 or a PC powerful enough to run the game, I held out hope. It is the game that made working together necessary. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon you and your only goal is to survive with a little help from your friends. It was a simple but brilliant concept�.but not on the PS3. People love to rag on Electronic Arts for their sometimes sinister business ways, but I always felt that they had my back. It appears that they may have it once again�along with my wallet. There is evidence that the once lost partnership may be back on again.

First of all, let�s retrace some steps. Valve had stated that Left 4 Dead would eventually come to PS3 if the game was popular enough on the 360 and PC. Looking at the C-Blogs alone, I think it�s safe to say this has happened. The amount of people gushing and anger over people gushing is phenomenal. Ok fine, I�ll do some real research. According to VG Chartz.com, the 360 version of L4D has sold 1.34 million world wide. Combine that with the PC sales and it safer to say that Valve has found success once again. It is also known that Valve is not a PS3 developer; they�re just not big enough, as well as have made some complaints about the complexity of developing on the box o� blu-rays. EA would likely step in here and do the port. Now I know a lot of people complain about EA�s work on The Orange Box for PS3, but I never had a problem with it and felt it was overly exaggerated by people who didn�t touch the game. I had held off buying the game for quite some time and felt ashamed after playing it that I listened to the internets. All the games worked right and TF2 had little to no lag. I never had a problem finding a game either. The only problem was EA�s post-release support, but that�s a whole other story.

Now, so far all I�ve shown was lip service. It�s time for the hard evidence. Eh, it may be a little brittle actually. First up is a post on TokiPost about a user on N4G forums that had a Left 4 Dead PS3 pre-order from Best Buy.

Of course, this can be taken with a truck-load of salt. We all know about the evils of Photoshop and this can just be another one of the devil�s tricks. Looking at the card, you�ll see that it�s a right hand as opposed to the left hand used in the 360 and PC box art. This could just be an alternative image to signify that the PS3 version will be a bit different or something. There�s also the thing about the region code being on there which isn�t on PS3 box art. And why would the person have pre-orders for 3 games that are already out!?

So why would I post this if the odds are stacked against it?? Just for comparison really. The retailer chain could have accidentally slipped up in selling a pre-order early. Yhey could have been sloppy with the card art. It�s possible that this is all true�or false. Anyhoo, let�s move on.

Next I have here two product pages for Left 4 Dead on the PS3. The first one is from Play.com. If you go there you will see that it is pretty bare. You can�t pre-order yet but it does say coming soon. Oh and �Will play on UK and European PlayStation3 only.� This of course could just be the remains of the rumoured version from the summer that they just never fully took down. But this next one is a bit more interesting. This one comes via HMV.com. The pre-order is up and the game is going for �39.99 with free UK delivery. Electronic Arts is the label (I�m guessing that means producer) and what do we have here?? A release date!? Of 5-6-2009!? Is it possible that on May 6th (or June 5th, I don�t know their format) PS3 owners can be playing the zombie fest as well?? Again, take a spoonful of sodium chloride.

Also on the Left 4 Dead website, EA's logo is now on the bottom. Apparently it wasn't there before. Could mean something, could mean nothing. I really don't know.

All in all, this could end up being nothing more than a PS3 owner�s grasp at a dream. A dream to kill very fast zombies. Left 4 Dead could be in the pipes for PS3 or it could really be buried 6ft underground for good. Hearing about all the great times people have on the game, I really hope it�s the former. Consider this post more of a plea for a PS3 version than any rock-solid evidence. Of course, if this does turn out to be true, I take full credit for the findings ^_^

So here�s hoping that on May 6th, Left 4 Dead rises like a zombie to infect PS3 owners so that we too can join our 360 and PC brethren in its awesome coop experience.
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