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Part of the Problem: a Visceral Reaction

Figured I might as well blog this instead of qpost + comment my rambling thoughts. The news about Visceral Games being shut down put me in a bad headspace yesterday. I’m disappointed in EA and their bullshit reasoning….bu...


LOVE/HATE: Mario Kart 8

Let’s get it out of the way quick: Mario Kart 8 is great. I bought a Wii U just for the game and never suffered any buyer’s remorse like I have with many new consoles. That’s not to say the game is perfect but it doe...


An Open Market: PSN Restrictions Removed

The other day Elsa made a blog post about the PS3 shooter Dust 514 and explained why we should be excited. The gist of the game is that it is a class-based, first-person shooter based on the EVE Online universe with some interconnectivity ...


LOVE/HATE Session: NHL 12

*blows dust off blog* *coughs* *cracks knuckles* Give me a second here while I remember how to do this ol’ bloggy-thingy....alright....chair’s comfy....glass is filled....candles are lit….aaaaaaand GO!! If you’ve ever had the misfortu...


Getting PSYCHED for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Today is a release of a very special game. “Special” in the sense that I’m actually willing to pay full price for it and buy it at launch. This game I speak of is not Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, though I am interested in the multiplaye...


PlayStation Home Just Got Relevant Again!!

Ok maybe not. It'd have to be relevant in the first place to be able to be relevant again. That's not the point!! Just...just watch this video... That is freakin' right! Warhawk Apartments! It comes with the sand table to devise your pla...


From the Desk of Paradise City's Mayor....

Greetings Destructoid! It is I, CelicaCrazed, the tyrant of this glorious City!! When and why did the people vote me in you ask?? Oh....they didn't. Muhwahahahaha! But let us retrace the steps as YOU abandoned Paradise City and paved the ...


Xbox 360: I apparently now have one.

Yeah, that is it. That is my new Xbox 360. Well I guess it's not technically "new" or "mine". My dad bought it off his coworker yesterday for $100 after he went out and purchased the new Special Edition Modern Warfare 2 package. Consideri...



I love Destructoid. A lot. Wanna know why?? Alright get up and go to the bathroom. You back?? Yeah you needed to hear the next part first. As I said before, get up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You see that person star...


Beta-toid: Fat Princess

Alright, this is a quicky but a good one. A lot of the places handing out beta-codes are already out. USA Today may still have some considering that I kind of doubt the majority knew they would have any. It wouldn't hurt to try it out y...


Left 4 Dead to Rise Like a Zombie on the PS3??

In my spare time, I like to dig up graves and defile corpses. Why? I really don’t know but my psychiatrist is trying to help me figure it out. She tells me that we’re making such good progress though. I’m pretty sure she’s into me. Anywa...


Impressions: NHL 09

Don’t hate me. I know the fall release schedule is already making our wallets cringe in fear, but there is still another game that is seriously deserving of your time and attention. It is none other than Electronic Arts’ NHL 09. You...


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