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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #198 - Froggy Flip Dance


Featuring Breath of Fire 2 and several classic dance styles.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

we still have some time to bridge until the next Final Fantasy month, so let's see what I have in my songchest...

How about the song "Fly Pudding" from Breath of Fire 2 (1994)? The one that plays in the frog kingdom that is the hometown of teammate/prince Jean:

Since the primary sounds like Cembalo, I assume that it alludes to baroque music. However, there are also many similar samples from the 19th century waltz era. I shall thus present samples from both eras.

For the first part I can offer the following parts:

Antonio Vivaldi: Chamber concerto for recorder, violin, oboe, bassoon & b.c. in D major (RV 94):

Johann Strauß II - "Die Österreicher op. 22" (1845):

For the second part starting at 0:09 you can find a lot of comparable samples in baroque and classic, so I'll cut it down to two:

Joseph Lanner - 4 Jahreszeiten, Sommer

Johann Sebastian Bach - Cantate BWV 214 - "Tönet, ihr Pauken! Erschallet, Trompeten!":

Also in BWV 248.

Next week? We'll see!

Phil out.

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