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I want to comment on fp articles but disqus is all stupid again. Anyone else having issues there and not here?


That's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West all wrapped up. A solid died-more-to-bad-camera-angles-than-enemies / 10


Ok, so, I get you just realized your entire family has been murdered and you probably need some comfort right now, but there's so trading cards over here I gotta collect otherwise I won't get the achievement so, just hold on a minute mmmk


I am the player that will shoot off a bullet when my ammo is full, just so I can pick up the ammo box laying in front of me.


Finally playing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and am very much enjoying it, although that semi-theatrical camera can fuck right off. Also, enjoying Wakka more than I did in FFX. (That's a 13 year old joke!)


So, Redfall sure does look like a video game


Your face should make a side scrolling chunky butt spinoff


We have a new resident on our property


Decided to follow up on my replay of Alan Wake with a replay of Control. Funny enough I'm get an achievement glitch where everything is unlocking too early: I cleansed the first control point and got the achievement for cleaning 10


When the real apocalypse happens you'll always be able to tell who was a gamer because we'll all be ignoring immediate and dire threats, instead we will be running around looking for collectibles.


Replaying Alan Wake for the first time since it came out and man, I do love this game.


A while back, someone on this site posted something that offended me so deeply and personally, I don't know if I'll ever recover. This person said, of all things, that Mac and cheese is gross. A statement so wrong, so foul, it haunts me every day.


Should I make a game that's more survival horror / psychological, or side scrolling action shoot em up?


Was watching old GDC videos when the presenter put up this gem:


Do people still use kickstarter/ indie go go / whatever to fund games or is it all Steam Early Access now?


Woohoo Ragnarok showed up today. Thanks Gamefly, and the people here who reminded me it exists.


I mean, I'm trying, but Kojima's games are just so damned insufferable. EDIT: I can't. I just cant. No matter how good the games might be, I cannot support someone so vainglorious. I KNOW YOU WROTE THE GAME. I DON'T NEED TO SEE IT EVERY 20 MINUTES


Zoey bringing down the house on FP. Love it. I just finished played RE4-05 a few hours ago. I'm wondering how the new version handles that certain knife scene with that certain guy if you go into it with your knife busted


Ok now redo the Uncharted movie and not make it suck


Just finished up Red Faction Guerrilla remastered. First time I played any Red Faction game, and damn was it fun! A little jank and crashed on me a bunch though


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