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Should I play the first Trails of Cold Steel?


Thing from internet I found funny:


That's Three Houses done. Too bad it ended up suffering from SRPG-itis, when it just becomes most effective to rush the oppo, no strategy involved.


It doesn't matter how much I love a game, I get bored after 30 - 40 hours


Am ateliered. Is bueno. Also thinking about opening a new brewery in town. I make good beer. And if you disagree, my beer is "good" enough to make you agree


That nerdy qpost below has me wondering: what's the worst game you've ever played and what would you rate it?


What's in the box (and all over the floor?) Eta my crotch always looks awesome in shot like this


Effed up big time playing Three Houses. Thought I was on casual mode where there is no permadeath for your students. Took me a long time to realize I was wrong and now it's just three of us, and no one wants to join my house :(


Really enjoyed the Ronny James Diofield demo and wanted to keep playing an srpg type game so I started Three Houses...


I've been contemplating selling my consoles because I never play them. Just the Switch, and now with a Steam Deck on the way...


Taking a break from XBC3, and played through the Tinykin demo. It was fun, a decent 3d platformer. Now trying Deaths Door and enjoying the art.


Woo got my order confirmation for the Steam Deck.


Time to take a break from threenoblade and pick up a short game for the weekend. Any suggestions?


Why am I such an idiot I can figure out how to get to cloudkeep? Can someone help me out? Nvm figured it out


Do yourself a favor and watch Blood Red Sky


It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead!


So what's the deal with the switch front mission remake? Supposed to release "summer 2022" which is a rapidly closing window with no news yet.


Just now realizing I should have named my cult Meat for Lanz


What's the most intelligently rewarding game you've ever played?


Throw my hat in ring for Prey. Good flick, worth a watch.


Mio is cute and all but dayum, Eunie has my heart


I'm having trouble understanding the cancel system in xeno3. The tutorial says you can cancel upwards a few times but I can't ever seem to manage more than auto into art, once. What am I missing?


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