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Wrote an entire piece about the imagined conflict between social progressivists and the alt-right. Forgot to save. Switched tabs and the tab got closed by shitty Safari. Fuck.


That Jojo finale. Josuke is best Jojo.


Have no idea how Death Stranding will turn out, but if video games ever fail him, he should end up working in film. Or, at the very least, make trailers for a living.


Just rewatched the last four episodes of Jojo: Stardust Crusaders so I could hear Dio repeat "ZA WARUDO" over and over again.


Man, it's been ages since I've used Qtoid or CBlogs. They still any good?


After reading a blog post about DMC4 I decided to watch all the cutscenes on Youtube. Tried the games years ago and couldn't get into them, but man that shit was stylish. Likeable protagonists, intense drama... still think DmC reboot wasn't that bad tho.


Working on two blog-pieces. 1) On how video games are so expensive (related to previous piece someone else did on emulating) and 2) on how much goddam money Activision is making these days.


Busy week, no time to review the Steam game I wanted to, so instead I'll do a free highlight for some random visual novel that I love because TIME.


Has anyone else played Murder? The short indie game on Steam? Does anyone know if the horrible rap song in the main menu plays randomly?


Man in a Master Chief costume promoting Halo 5 stood with his styrofoam gun beside the memorial for a man shot by the police on the day of the cop's trial. I realize it may've just been poor timing, but it was still not cool...


Just finished the first draft of my Prison Architect review. SPOILERS: It's pretty damn good.


Hey D'toiders! I'm fresh on the site, and plan on leaving a review here every week. I hope to get to know a lot of you while I'm here! I'm hard at work dissecting Prison Architect right now. See you guys around the pond!


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