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Play & Tale - Ludonarrative Dissonance

Also published on Medium As the gaming industry has progressed, we've moved towards more cinematic presentation. More attention is being paid on writing and narrative structure, along with voice acting and elaborate cutscenes. As we ve...


The Slow Death of Metroid

Metroid is a unique series, due to both it's design and legacy in the pantheon of Nintendo. To many, the Metroid series was given a swift death with the last main entry, Metroid: Other M. The game was critically panned both by longtime...


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I like video games a lot, and yet I seem to hate them. I'm a competitive fighting game player and speedrunner. I am far too interested in the business and ethics side of the industry to be considered mentally stable. Old games and new indies make me smile and feel all weird inside. Most "AAA" games lead me down a road of disappointment.

I play music for a living, which means I make bad life choices. You should start to sense a recurring theme here.

I like designing video games and stories. Perhaps one day I will get the opportunity to bring them to life. If I keep saying it out loud, I'm sure it'll just happen. That's how it works, right?