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The Caffeine Knight has arrived!

Obligatory hello Hello Destructoid! It seems as if I've finally built up the courage to go ahead and introduce myself here in the C-blogs. The name is CaffeineKnight (I know, cheesy name, but I love it), or Joe as some people in the real...


About Caffeine Knightone of us since 7:54 PM on 02.04.2009

This is me!

That picture was taken a couple years back. It's pretty much the only picture of me I have due to lack of a digital camera. I'll put something up more site-specific soon. I felt I needed to explain it for some reason.

Facts about me
-I live in Florida (Its fucking hot and it sucks)
-I play videogames (Yeah, I know)
-I like girls. (Shocking!)

Facts about You
-You are reading my sidebar.
-You like Destructoid.
-You just got done fapping to some Chun-li hentai!
-You suck.

Contrary to popular belief, I do play videogames, when I have the time anyways. Which happens to be all the time lately since I am taking a break from work (Can't find a job).

Currently Playing

Final Fantasy IX : Enjoying it a lot. Never got a chance to play it when it was originally released. Nearing end of 3rd disc.

Cave Story : Such a great indie game. It's just some great and simple platforming fun with a zany story thrown in for good measure.

Shadow Watch : This one is interesting. I had never heard of this game up until recently when I found it laying in a Goodwill store manual and all. I picked it up due simply to the fact that the box art is amazing looking and the manual is fucking huge (Means its a good game ;)). Somehow this slipped right under my radar back when it was released but it seems to have gotten pretty positive reviews. If you get a chance, I would definitely recommend trying this out. It brings me back to the Commandos and Desperado days of my PC gaming stage.