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Help CJ make his Sony Bucket List


As much as I hate to admit it, I’m getting older. Life is becoming more tedious for me, with a job and a commute and a shitty landlord, and as time goes on I know I’ll have less and less opportunities to engage in my one true passion, playing video games. Writing for this site, writing on the side and doing reviews takes up even more of that time and has me spending hours on end with titles I may or may not enjoy. I love what I do here, but I’m always thinking about what I could be doing instead. Instead of playing all these new games, I could go back and play the games I never had a chance to enjoy in my childhood.

This topic was brought up in the Destructoid Slack feed and I came up with what could be an interesting community project. Here’s my pitch:

I will game until I die, but unless I strike it rich my future will feature fewer hours that I can dedicate to the hobby, and honestly I’ll probably only spend that time with new titles. So while I have something of an available life right now, I want you to help me find 20 Sony games I missed that I absolutely should play before it’s too late. I grew up with Nintendo, so I don’t need Nintendo titles, and I’ve played all three of the necessary Xbox franchises. What I haven’t played are literally dozens of PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games, and while I was able to enjoy some of what these consoles had to offer (God of War series, Grand Turismo 4, GTA PS2 games, Metal Gear Solid, FFVII) I know there are many more I simply missed out on.

So help me make my Sony Bucket List. I want 20 games from all four PlayStation consoles that you think are an absolute must. No genre is off limits. Leave a comment with one or several games you think I should play and in a future post I’ll create a vote somehow that’ll whittle the list down to 20.

Thank you and Godspeed.

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