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How could you not want a game based on this? I would have eaten this show up as a child!


Hey everyone. There is still time to get those Zelda 35 Blogs in!


Hey, listen! We're putting together a list of the best boss battles in The Legend of Zelda and we'd love your input!


I really appreciate the lead singer of New Radicals wearing the bucket hat, otherwise, I wouldn't have recognized him. You know, like when Jamiroquai performs without something fuzzy on his head.


I am totally obsessed with the GPU song from Astro's Playroom.


First game beat in 2021: Shadow of the Colossus. Amazing game, fucking awful camera. Next on the gauntlet: Batman: Arkham City.


In hindsight, asking CDPR if Cyberpunk 2077 could be ported to Switch is a real gutbuster.


Someday, somebody is going to have to explain to me the popularity of Post Malone.


Just Remember: If you see a Quick Post you don't agree with, you don't necessarily have to comment on it.


Woo! Another championship for my favorite city!


I've given it as many shots as I can give it, but no matter how much I play it, I'm just not having fun with Fall Guys.


Want to know my theory on Nintendo, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and 2020? It's in the comments.


Wrapped up Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 1.5. Can't name another series I hate the gameplay of so much but love everything else about it. Oh well. On to Final Mix 2.5.


Five years. Today mark's the five-year anniversary of that article I wrote that almost got us sued by the Pokemon Company. Otherwise known as my first article as a Destructoid contributor.


To everyone playing FFVIIRemake tonight/today, I hope you all have a blast with it!


The social media pissing contest between Xbox and PlayStation fans gets more annoying by the minute.


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I really needed that kind of pick-me-up.


So, like, what the hell am I supposed to do with all of these?


Why are people so desperate for a Nintendo Direct?


Diets suck, but I'm getting really good at cooking chicken.


Guess I'm redownloading all of Kentucky Route Zero tonight.


Considering buying Simpsons Hit & Run for Xbox because a) I might be able to play it on the series X, and b) due to everything going on surrounding Apu, I'd hate to lose him as a character in a possible remake.


The update for A Hat in Time on Switch has now made the game a smooth enough experience that I think I'll actually give it a shot now. Was not impressed before, but based on the two levels I tried out, this update is what I've been waiting for.


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