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The Obscurer Tribune # 49

Well, obviously the �New Thing� I was hoping to release this past week needed a bit more time � however, now it is (almost) totally ready to go, and will DEFINITELY be launched this coming week. Keep your eyes on this blog space � or, mor...


The Obscurer Tribune # 48

Just as a quick heads up, I MIGHT have something new for you sometime next week. MIGHT. Anyway, for now here�s this week�s oddball gaming news recap: --------- Just in case you were worried that Aksys would soften their usual irrevere...


The Obscurer Tribune # 47

I honestly can�t think of anything interesting to say here this week (not like anyone ever reads this part anyway), so I�ll just shut up and let you get to the news items: --------- Cave has posted a new trailer for DeathSmiles II X, ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 46

Quick Review: The god-forsaken jungle virus that someone in my household brought home last week and infected me with, dooming me to nearly-unbroken anguish for days upon days (said family member, of course, is long since over it), gets a ...


The Forgotten Essentials: Puzzlers

Welcome back to The Forgotten Essentials, an occasional series offering a look into characteristics and design choices which, in my opinion, should be considered more vital to genre-specific game design than they usually are. Previous for...


The Obscurer Tribune # 45

Okay, it�s settled � before you see another Tribune issue from me, I am finally going to finish up an honest-to-goodness NOT-Tribune post that I�ve taken way too long to finish, and post it here. Expect it next week! --------- The com...


The Obscurer Tribune # 44

PleaseDon�tScrewUpTheTextPleaseDon�tScrewUpTheTextPleaseDon�tScrewUpTheText� --------- Looks like XBLA isn�t the only place where you�ll be able to watch Kyo Kusanagi shoot drones out of the sky while zooming through the air � Neo Geo...


The Obscurer Tribune # 43

This thing just keeps getting more and more monstrous…I’m half-tempted to take a break from it again. But it knows I’ll be back. I always come back. --------- Ketsui X should finally be out in Japan (and en route to me) by the t...


The Obscurer Tribune # 41

I TOLD you that the Tribune would be gaining weight after turning 40 � this sucker is huge! Er, again! --------- Pre-orders for the DeathSmiles limited edition (so far the only edition available) are up at Amazon, and believe it or no...


The Obscurer Tribune: The Big Four-Oh

Yup, the resurrected Tribune is officially 40 issues old today, which means that it will immediately begin gaining weight in rapid fashion, taking additional medication, abandoning its former liberal principles, looking at beachfront prop...


The Obscurer Tribune # 39

So�who�s betting that Sakura Wars: So Long My Love will ACTUALLY come out next week, no more delays, for reals? Anyone�? Well, anyways, I�ll keep my fingers crossed (again) and offer up this week�s obscure gaming recap: --------- Atte...


The Obscurer Tribune # 38

It�s late, I�m tired, and I can�t think of anything to introduce this issue with, so just ignore this part (as if you haven�t been doing that already) and get right to the news items: --------- About a month or so to go before the 360...


The Obscurer Tribune # 37

OBSCURERMON � Some pretend critter I just made up in a frustrated, cynical attempt to get you to read this. --------- A recent update at Cave�s official blog reveals the box art and some screens for DeathSmiles II � the latter suppose...


The Obscurer Tribune # 36

Maybe it�s just a particularly good time for offbeat news items (or I�m just getting less picky about what I�ll recap here), but this week�s issue is a doozy � definitely one of the longest put together so far. As such, heed the call of t...


The Obscurer Tribune # 35

I�ve already done more than enough damage for one day, so I�ll just move on to the news items: --------- ESPGaluda II is out on the 360 this week, my copy should be en route as we speak (as should yours, OR ELSE), and it�s time to unl...


The Obscurer Tribune # 34

So, why did I post last week�s Tribune a day early? � �seriously, I was hoping one of you might know, as I�m completely stumped myself. Anyways, hopefully this edition gets things back on schedule: --------- Okay, first up � unbelie...


The Obscurer Tribune # 33

I�d offer the usual silly intro but you probably wouldn�t be able to make out the words through all the mouthfuls of crow I�ve been consuming. --------- At this point I can�t even really say that this one definitively belongs here in ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 32

I�m tempted to turn this publication into a 24/7 vigil following every tidbit of info on the DeathSmiles localization, but I�ll control myself and continue to recap a wide selection of obscure gaming news. For now. So read up, until I�m n...


The Obscurer Tribune # 31

Whilst I continue my quest to write the site's first zero-comment front-page article, here�s this week�s ample selection of offbeat gaming news items: --------- If Amazon is to be believed, it looks like April 22nd (or thereabouts) wi...


The Obscurer Tribune # 30

Yay, another nice round number! --------- The US publisher for DeathSmiles has been revealed � it�s Aksys! Moreover, it looks like we�re getting pretty much everything the Japanese release got, in one form or another � the �Mega Black...


The Obscurer Tribune # 29

Posting this issue a little later than usual�with good reason, though, as there�s plenty to cover this week! As such I�ll shut up and let you get to it - --------- To all of those who responded to my pleading and imported Mushihime-sa...


The Obscurer Tribune # 28

I�m still not used to putting �10� at the end of everything I�ve dated lately, but thankfully I don�t have to bother here � as long as my basic counting skills remain intact, the Tribune will remain semi-organized! With that pleasant thou...


The Obscurer Tribune # 27

Welcome to 2010 everyone � no mere mortal can tell just what lies ahead for us until we return to this spot in the sun�s orbit, but I�ll certainly be doing my best to recap the weird parts! Anyhow, let�s get this year started off right: ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 26

I know you�re all busy with your various celebrations and such, but you�d still better take some time to thoroughly read this Tribune posting, or else risk displeasing the Krampus! --------- For starters, to finish off the year I�ve m...


The Obscurer Tribune # 25

Expecting snow around here tomorrow�that�s one good thing about being a gamer, I suppose, as being shut in for a day or so is unlikely to bore one to death (perhaps quite the opposite). Anyways, here�s this week�s oddball news roundup, so...


The Obscurer Tribune # 24

The one bad thing about finally having Mushihime-sama Futari in my greedy paws is that now it seems like an eternity before anything else I�m looking forward to is coming out�especially since everything�s being frikkin� delayed. Well, it�...


How-To: Mushihime-sama Futari

I frequently recommend obscure games to others: this often means urging players with more �mainstream� sensibilities than mine to venture into somewhat intimidating territory, at a loss for how to react to certain unusual features and des...


The Obscurer Tribune # 23

My copy of Mushihime-sama Futari hasn�t arrived yet. Nothing else even remotely matters, so I�ll just stop here and let you move on to this week�s obscure gaming news: --------- Hot on the heels of Mushihime-sama Futari�s 360 release...


The Obscurer Tribune # 22

Hello again, all � if you still have some room left after all the well-heated poultry, tubers, and other assorted autumnal indulgences, here�s this week�s oddball gaming news item roundup: --------- If you were expecting something el...


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