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And we all fall down together...

So originally I was working on a much longer, more analytical blog post, but it was growing cumbersome, my mood began to change as more on the subject was said, etc. So instead I've opted to write a new blog from scratch, and the other one ...


About Bronze Kettleone of us since 12:38 PM on 02.01.2013

So you want me to write something to show how interesting and unique an individual I am, along with all the other unique and individual people?

For a start, I'm cynical. And sometimes I try to play that for comedic effect. It falls flat.

What else do you want to hear? that I'm a man just trying to make my way in the galaxy?

Alright, imaginary peer pressure person, you win.

I've spent I dunno how many years playing video games...never seen an NES in my life, but I did have a Commodore 64. I play FPS, RTS, RPG, infact anything with an acronym, most likely.

And after all those years of gaming, I have opinions. Opinions that after years of silence, I've finally made a commitment to start sharing them with people who didn't ask for them.

If you want to read those thoughts and opinions, you can do so at my blog.

...Joining this website simply to try and expose it was totally not one of my ulterior motives.