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I'd hate to be Capy Games today. How terrifying it must be to release a long-delayed game to an expectant public.


How the hell do I add tags to my Destructoid blogs?


So, who at Destructoid has picked up Project: Warlock on GOG? I've been waiting literal years for it, but I want to know what people think before I just dive straight in.


The 7th of August not only saw Dead Cells released, but Sine Mora and EDF2025 made backwards compatible on Xbox One. Best day in Gaming, 2018. Fact.


Where are the Mummy Demastered reviews, internet?! Some of us are too depressed and Switch-less to care about Mario Odyssey.


Anyone playing Ruiner? I'm stuck at work and reviews aren't live yet. How you guys finding it?


So the @Puppygames blocked me on Twitter after I told them how excited I was for their new game. Not sure a company with no money can afford to alienate their fans.......


6 hours into La Mulana. Utterly baffled by some of these puzzles but my God, solving them is immensely satisfying.


Slain! is out, and it's absolutely sodding awful.


When does Undertale get "Interesting"? Played for 2-3 hours, having fun, but failing to see what it does that's so utterly amazing.


Took me 8 years to play Rainbow Six Vegas. Glad I did, finally. Having rather the good time.


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