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What Would Have Been an E3 2020 Prediction Thingy


Last year I wrote a blog in which I made predictions about E3. It was a lot of fun. With everything that's going on this year, and E3 itself being cancelled, I honestly haven't even thought about the whole thing. Just this morning I realized that Sony is doing their big reveal event tomorrow and I haven't spent more than a passing moment to think about it! What a weird freakin' year, man.

But anyways. I've decided to write another prediction blog! It won't be E3 specifically, since that doesn't exist this year. But it will basically be announcements I expect from the big publishers throughout the rest of this year. I'm sure I'll get more wrong this year than I ever have before (not that I have a stellar prediction record to begin with). But hey, this is all just for fun.

I will do the same thing I did last year. I will list predictions, expectations, and wishes for the various platforms. But I won't say which items fall under which of those 3 categories. That is up to your imagination! And please share your predictions and thoughts with us down below! 

Let's get started!


Image result for e3 ea

  • Star Wars Battlefront III revealed for next gen platforms
  • Sportz!
  • Surprise mechanics
  • A new SSX teased
  • Mass Effect Trilogy and Dead Space trilogies released on Switch
  • Titanfall 3 announced
  • A new Battlefield game that takes place in the Vietnam War
  • Anthem is never mentioned again


It just works

  • Doom Eternal DLC is shown
  • Fallout 76 will be touted as a great success by Bethesda
  • Another mobile game based on a beloved franchise revealed, though it will never hurt as bad as what they've done to Commander Keen
  • New expansion for Elder Scrolls Online
  • Rage 2 DLC shown
  • Starfield launches this November on next-gen systems, massive gameplay reveal this summer
  • Skryim Extra Special Edition announced for next-gen platforms


Here are the trailers from Ubisoft's E3 press conference | TechCrunch

  • A new Prince of Persia is revealed (it's open-world)
  • Far Cry 6 is announced
  • Watch Dogs Legion is released this November, it is cross-gen
  • Just Dance puts out another game this year
  • DLC for Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • A new Trials is revealed
  • Splinter Cell still remains forgotten by the publisher

Square Enix

Square Enix (@SquareEnix) | Twitter

  • DLC for FFVIIR shown
  • A repackaging of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise all in one game is announced for next-gen systems
  • More is shown of Avengers, I remain underwhelmed
  • FFXVI is officially announced, we get a logo and a 13 second teaser trailer
  • A new Tomb Raider is shown
  • Nothing from Deus Ex or Thief this year

Devolver Digital

Image result for e3 devolver

  • They don't have one of their bizarro conference thingies; I'm the only person on this site who doesn't seem broken up about it
  • They release a handful of totally unexpected, bizarre, entertaining games


Nintendo E3 2019: Every Switch game announced at E3 | Trusted Reviews

  • New Nintendo Switch XL announced, launches this October
  • BOTW is not even discussed this year
  • The rumors of the HD remasters of all the 3D Mario games turn out to be false because....
  • Super Mario Maker 3D is revealed and launches alongside the upgraded Switch this fall
  • Mario Golf makes a return on Switch
  • N64 games finally come to Nintendo Switch Online, but there's only like 6 games
  • Pikmin 4 still remains unrevealed
  • No news from Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, or Shin Megami Tensei V
  • Golden Sun 4 is announced, with only a teaser trailer and no release date


Xbox Series X Presentation References The 'Fridge' Joke In First ...

  • Massive reveal of Halo: Infinite gameplay; it actually looks.... kinda fun? Launches simultaneously with the next Xbox to good but not great reviews
  • A new Viva Pinata is revealed
  • A new Perfect Dark is revealed
  • The Outer Worlds DLC is shown
  • Microsoft reveals they have acquired Sega
  • A new Sonic is launched as XSX Exclusive
  • We see some more XCloud stuff
  • The next XBox launches this November with 2 SKUs, priced at $450 and $550 respectively
  • A movie streaming service gets bundled in with GamePass 


Sony's new DualSense controller is its most exciting design since ...

  • PS5 launches this October with a single SKU at a price of 499 US Dollars
  • Dualsense controller has a whopping 5 hours of battery life
  • Demons Souls Remaster is the big launch exclusive
  • A surprise standalone expansion for Spider-Man is revealed in which you play as Spider-Gwen, launches exclusively on PS5
  • Still no Bloodborne 2
  • A new God of War on PS5 gets a teaser trailer, no release date
  • Somehow, Days Gone 2 is revealed and gets an unreasonable amount of screentime during their big reveal event
  • No Back Compat for PS1, PS2, or PS3
  • Dark Cloud 3 is finally revealed
  • Resistance Trilogy announced for PS5
  • No hint of new Horizon or Killzone this year
  • Lair gets a surprise sequel revealed for PS5

So there you have it folks! My predictions, expectations, and wishes for this year in gaming! But which is which?

Share yours with us down below! I'd love to hear them!

- Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

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