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Should I buy Rimworld on Xbox?


Who is the queerest character in a triple A video game and why is it Ghirahim?


Having played Witcher 3 for a second time now and tried both love interests, I cannot fathom why anyone would choose Triss over Yen.


Here's my Top 10 new TV shows that premiered in 2022. I watched their entire first seasons and will gladly watch more if and when they make another season. Happy to discuss if you have thoughts or questions.


Watched the first episode of that new Witcher prequel show on Netflix. It's.... not good. Honestly, I'm glad Henry Cavill is washing his hands if this TV franchise.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, fam!


What if you got a time machine and went back in time to see real dinosaurs then it turned out that all dinosaurs looked super derpy IRL?


I was at Walmart and the cashier said Merry Christmas to me. Antifa showed up, put a black bag over her head, and tossed her in an unmarked van. Another soldier lost to the War on Christmas. πŸŽ… πŸ˜”


I am severely disappointed with the "next gen" update of The Witcher 3. It doesn't run well. And my Xbox has decided that it won't suspend/resume this game in the recent several hours of play.


Just saw The Fab Four. They're a Beatles Tribute band. Great fun.


What do Game of Thrones, Titanic, and The Sixth Sense all have in common? Icy dead people.


My Secret Santa is better than yours! Thanks SantaπŸŽ…


Played The Last Campfire. It's a cute, combat-less Zelda game essentially. Worth your time, especially if you catch it on a sale like I did.


I'm so glad it's the weekend


OlliOlli World is very cool, but I am very bad it. I know, I know. Local man bad at video games! More at 11.


When a British website puts a small file on your computer to save your preferences, shouldn't they call it a biscuit?


I didn't know that I needed Snoop Dogg to help me be kind to myself, but I did in fact need that.


So, how long before we learn that the CIA is somehow involved in all the shit going on in Iran right now?


These texture pop-ins are getting out of hand.


I went back to Kingdoms of Amalur and beat the final boss of the new DLC. Very annoying, but I made it through! Take that, stupid boss.


Overall, Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning was an incredible time. I cannot recommend the new expansion DLC. The final boss fight is atrocious.


It took a lot of self control not to squeee while watching this. I was very into Beast Wars as a kid.


Sometimes I read the things people say on the internet and am so baffled at the stupidity and the loudness of said stupidity that I don't even know how to handle it.


Just saw Glass Onion. Loved it. It's a worthy sequel to Knives Out.


Made a Kentucky Hot Brown with leftover turkey. My first one. It was SO good!


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