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Band of Bloggers-November 2018 Edition


Another month, another Band of Bloggers prompt. Here is last month's if you missed it. But what will be the theme this month, you ask? Well, feast your eyes on this!

Feast! I love a good feast! 

November is probably my favorite month. I love fall. It is inarguably the best season of the year. The chill in the air. The hoodies. The colors of leaves. Fall vegetables and pumpkin spice everything. And of course, these beauties:

Image result for trader joe's thanksgiving chips

Seriously, they taste like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

As I thought about what theme would be appropriate for November, obviously I thought about Thanksgiving. I thought about perhaps writing a prompt that had something to do with gratitude. But as my Mom tells me regulary, I don't appreciate anything. So, no thank you to a thankful prompt. That's why we're talking about feasts! 

Let's talk about food in video games! From cheese in Elder Scrolls to pizza in Cooking Mama, food is everywhere in games. Sometimes it is used for decoration. Sometimes to regain health or provide status buffs. It might even be used to poison enemies. It is even used as a health bar on occasion:

(I'm always looking for opportunities to plug Ahoy videos)

You may not have thought about this much. But you have absolutely played many games in which food is involved. So tell us about them! Write a blog about food in video games. It could be one specific food in one specific game, or many foods in multiple. Whatever your little stomach desires! Write a blog and put "Bob" or something like it in the title and we'll all gorge ourselves on delightful, homemade blogs this month. Bonus points for the people who include the most salivating images of food in their blogs. 

Image result for feast gif

Roast beast is a feast I can't stand in the least!

I'd like to end this prompt with a quote from an old friend of mine, describing how Thanksgiving dinner is to be consumed. "We eat until we're full. Then we eat until we're tired. Then we eat until it hurts..... And then we have pie."

But before we sign off completely, we have one more invitation to you! LaTerry, dephoenix, and I have had a lot of fun writing these prompts this year. Do you think you'd enjoy coming up with one or more of these prompts? We'd be happy to have more people join our little committee. Even if you only want to write 1 and no more, that's totally fine. If you have any interest in participating at all, let any of the three of us know. You can tell us down in the comments below or send any of us a private message if you like. 

Okay, one more thing. Here's a funny video about potatoes. 

- Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

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