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The impact of videogames on our life - a story

Everyone here plays videogames, but how much do they affect our lives? We've all heard stories of books that have had big impact on someone's life and decisions, but not that often about games. I think one certain game has caused me to chan...


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Buncha tidbits about me 'cause I'm too lazy to write a proper introduction =].

* My favourite games are: Starcraft, Half-Life series, The World Ends With You, Monkey Island series, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: KotOR, Okami, Dragon Age: Origins, Ace Attorney Series, Pokemon series, Fallout 3

* My favourite band is Radiohead, though my favourite musician is John Frusciante

* I am a vegetarian

* I started gaming at the age of 6 on a Commodore

* I spend a lot of time re-tracing my thoughts, trying to remember how I ended up thinking about what I was last thinking about. Fun times.

* I speak 3 languages, and am learning Japanese too

* My favourite books are the LotR trilogy by J.R.R Tolkien.