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Will it Suck? Dragons and Blades Edition

This was suppose to premiere Tuesday but since I was absent, you get it NOW! I will try to make this a regular thing on Tuesdays. This little "feature" will talk about upcoming games and whether they will suck, duh! First up we have a Wii game that has been making a little water and getting some hot.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire

Trailer: Watch if you have never heards of it or just want to watch something!

Plot: "A Young adventurer who seeks six legendary pieces of the 'Dragon Blade,' each infused with the soul of different guardian dragons. In an attempt to build the ultimate weapon and vanquish evil, the young protagonist embarks on a quest to find and seal away each of the six dragons, taking their souls and abilities in the process." [Via Wikipedia]

But wait, why does this adventurer want to build the ultimate weapon? It sounds like after you get rid of the dragons, you have the weapon. Is there an evil over top of the dragons, like a KING dragon?

About the Game: Looks a little like God of War mixed with Zelda huh?. Run around with a sword and attack things in an old-age world where swords, shields, and some magic are king. But it is NOT a like a Zelda game and sort of like GoW. It is a Hack 'n Slasher. So the difference is not just the dragon-oriented perspective.

Let's tackle the differences first, there could be a lot. Unlike any Zelda game, it is not free-roaming. It is a level based game that encourages you to do speed runs. The faster you complete a level, the more points you get. Definitely not Zelda like and not God of War like, so let's wipe it from our memory now, ok? SWEET!

In each level you can gather armor pieces that I guess will beef up your defense or I wonder if that has to do with the said "ultimate weapon." It is your basic run through the level and beat everything up game, a Hack 'n Slash game. But since it is on the Wii, a big issue is the controls!

The controls look nice but not 100% perfected (yet?). At the beginning of this video, the fight controls were explained. Swing Wiimote right and you swing right, left is left and so on. They tried very hard to get it 1:1. Watch the video (at least the beginning)...

Yeah, it seems it responds but not exactly 1:1, unless he was just doing it wrong. Perhaps soon someone will get the 1:1 exactly. Seems like it won't be too far off.

If you watch more into the video he shows of the special moves, some seem sweet. I just wish you could pick up someone up with the hands and throw them. You might be able to do that but he didn't talk about it. I don't know about the Dragon Head one though. It seems cheesy. I guess it wouldn't be that original to have you just shoot a fireball from your hands like a hadoken. It nice to see they are actually using hand gestures that mimic the game to do the moves. Makes you feel that much more in the game.

Gameplay: This is the point where we take at look at some in-game action. I will try to include some of the latest videos and keep that at a minimum.

Boss Fight: Mobrius

Boss Fight: Skaroth

Boss Fight: Jagira

Another video (sorry, don't want to embed) is confusing. It has Sam from D3 Publisher talking about the game. He says, "I think it's really intuitive if you are brand new to gaming." He kind of builds it up for new gamers but then says it is geared towards an older audience and for the hardcore gamer that are into hack 'n slash. Brand new to gaming and hardcore don't really match so I am in a barrel of monkey butt confusion right there!

Potential of the game? I think it is tough to say. I admit, I am a big fan of dragons and LOVED Reign of Fire. There is much hope in this game but after watching a few videos, especially two of the boss fight videos, I am not too sure if this will be great. But suck might not be the word for it either. Dragon Blade: Wrath of fire could be a decent weekend rental though.

Release Date: September 25, 2007

Next week? Along side of Halo 3, really? Couldn't pick a better week, D3?
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