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The Great Movie itself is funny being released unto us...


ZOMG YES! I have been waiting so long for this movie. Very long! My brother was able to see it in Seattle at a movie festival. He said it was corny and funny and cheesy and good and that I would like it. And I agree! Same day as Orange Box too? I think next week might just be the greatest week EVAR. Period.

Here's a trailer:

If you didn't know about this movie, it basically about these sheep who get infected from genetics and such or something and turn ravenous. They want to eat you! They run after you in sheepish fashion! It looks like it is done SO serious cause they know not to take it seriously. Aren't those the best?

Well stuff happens, people run for their lives. People die and get eaten, oh and I think there are some mutations to add to the mix. Yes, there is blood and yes there is laughter!

Doesn't this all sound like fun? Oh heck yes! Who else is rushing to pick it up come tuesday, October 9, 2007? I know I am...might even take off of work!
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