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Stupidity in Games: Mirror's Edge


Leading up to last week/weekend I was excited to play with .tiff, Mirror's Edge. The demo was fun for what little it was but I knew I wanted to rent it. And then I got it and my feelings started to change. So why did I want to play this game so baddly?

There's two main stupid concerns I have with this game. I warn you now, one of them may be a spoiler but don't worry because I will be sure to warn you beforehand. But now it is time to start off with the first stupid reason.

Faith is Stupid

To be stereotypical, shouldn't she be smart? Even not being stereotypical, Faith should be a lot smarter than what she actually is portrayed in the game. There are many times where my hand reached my face and rested it there. Why is Faith so stupid?

My introduction to this problem happened early on, in Chapter Two to be exact. Going down the stormdrain hole I started running across the wall and grabbed on to a horizontal pipe. That pipe I swang and was supposed to grab a vertical pipe attached to the wall but she didn't. She didn't numerous times. What was her problem? I would literally hit the pip and then fall cause she didn't grab it. Apparently cause I wasn't facing direct on to it is my only guess. But I got past it and moved on.

But the problem stuck its head out more and more. Constantly I would jump and miss stuff cause she was too stupid to grab it. I even played Time Trials and the dumb girl would jump into something stop and fall straight down. I don't understand why anyone would not GRAB THE FRICKIN' OBJECT! It isn't that hard. Only an idiot wouldn't grab onto something that would save their life.

Enemies are Stupid

This is not a comment on the AI of the enemies but part of the plot of the game. And at this point, I will have to scare you away with SPOILER WARNING!

At the end of the game, you hear a villain talking about all their plans. The Icarus Project to train peole to kill the messengers to stop the resistance from striving. That's where the stupidity lies. This organization that are the police and pretty much own the entire city are trying to stop a bunch of 20 somethings from running around rooftops delivering packages. Well here's a crazy idea, maybe start by putting barbwire around the edges of all the buildings? Or how about a fence around all the roofs and barbwire on the top? That would stop them from freely moving around and you can just write it off as a safety precaution so no one falls off. Then you would have to worry about them running around on the streets and sewers but honestly, it seems they are best on rooftops.

This just seems like a logical direction to go. Seems a whole lot less expensive and more likely positive results then training a bunch of parkour people to try to catch them. Of course that could just be me and my logic. But who uses logic anyways, am I right? I mean look at their latest recruit that will no doubt catch Faith:

But this is what the game inspires. Maybe it is a good thing and will thin out the herd.


Stupidity, it is everywhere. In this blog, all over the internet, in the streets, and even in you. But please, try to keep it out of our video games. That being sad, the game was still fun when it wasn't being stupid and you actually got everything to work nicely and fluidly. I am just going to blame it on the stupid girl for not doing it right because I obviously can't take blame for my own actions. No one does that!
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