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Honestly, I had not heard of a Kraken before the 2006 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Perhaps if I wasn't forced into watching it on a date with a lady this wouldn't be such a big deal. But I did watch it unfortunately and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Little did I know it would haunt me for a long time afterwards.

It now seems nearly impossible to play a new game without coming across a boss battle featuring some sort of sea creature with tentacles labeled Kraken. It's all because darn movie and video game developers jumped onto the fad. I personally can't stand it when I play three games in a row and they all have this creature in it.

The first game I noticed him appearing in was Resistance 2. My first reaction was, "oh it has the same name, but it is just a sea creature, no worries." I went on and killed it. It wasn't too stand out and it seemed a little different from what I remembered. But usually the first time you fight a creature you don't mind.

The next game that I came across was Gears of War 2. It didn't help that the games came out in the same week as Resistance 2. Well of course there was a Kraken in it. Only difference is you went inside its mouth to kill it which doesnt make a whole lot of sense but whatever. Two games in one week, kind of pushing it if you ask me.

But wait a minute, there's more. Two games that came out during around this time that no one played. The first game was Legendary. It wasn't that type of game by all means, that is just it's name. And in this title you fight a Kraken. And the other one, let's you "fight" a Kraken in a swimsuit that wedges between your butt cheeks.

I did say notice up above because little did I know that games that I love in my past featured this creature. Perhaps I didn't notice or they didn't feature an in-game character shouting the name Kraken 2038 times in one level God of War 2 had this boss with a pillar fight. One of my favorite RPGs of all time that actually got me back into that genre, Golden Sun, featured a boss known as a Kraken. Even Sword of Mana contained a Kraken boss which I completely forgot about. And how can I forget the Final Fantasy Krakens like Final Fantasy Advance, Final Fantasy III, and Final Fantasy IX These aren't the only games to feature it but you get the idea.

Seriously stop this game developers! Sure there were some oldies in there but did you see how many recent games came out that featured a Kraken? And it doesn't take a few months to make a game. If a game came out in or around 2008, guess how long it took them? Probably around two years to make the game. Hmm, that's right about when Pirates 2 came out. So basically I blame that movie for the surge of lack of creativity in the bosses. Sure they were dealt with in differen ways, but the same results could've been achieve with a different type of boss. Been there, done that, let's get some freshness here.

If you don't believe me that this is an overused creature, GameInformer compiled a list of Kraken used in games. And guess what the name of the name of the giant creatures in a game released after the Pirates of the Carribbean 2 came out is called? Other names before the movie are Crusher and Giant Squid! I rest my case.

The point of this ranting is to address an issue and make it clear to the public. It is a very simple concept that is easy to comprehend. I just hope the people will understand and follow through. Johnny Depp is a Kraken and needs to never be used in any way, shape, or form.

Oh, and also...

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