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IGN's Dream GI Joe casting

GI Joe is in the works. It has been bastardized though. GI Joe now stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity because the world hates America. It is also suppose to be flashy and high-tech weapons and we have just entered the world of James Bond without a smooth British/Scottish/foreign guy trying to spread is stds with flimsy women. Regardless there are writers and talks about cast options, so IGN decided to assemble their own crack team of specialists. I will just give you the character name and actor(actress) name and pic. No need for their explaination, right?

Let's start with the Joe's!

Duke - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Snake Eyes - Ray Park (he was Darth Maul, nuff said!) or misc. stuntman in masks

Scarlett - Kate Mara

Stalker - Wesley Snipes or Tyrese Gibson

Flint - Ryan Reynolds

Lady Jaye - Jessica Biel

Roadblock - Michael Clarke Duncan

Gung-Ho - David Kroechner or Wrestler-turned actor

Zap - Michael Pena

Quick Kick - Jason Scott Lee

Doc - Joe Morton or Harry J. Lenix

Wild Bill - Sam Elliot

Hawk - Brendan Fraser

General Flagg - Treat Williams

Joe list can be found here.

Now for the Cobras! They list like 2038 choices for each so I will list the main one they list. If you want to know the others, go to the link.

Cobra Commander - Richard Roxburgh (remember, MASK)

Destro - Dougray Scott

Baroness - Kate Beckinsale

Major Bludd - Oded Fehr

Storm Shadow - Donnie Yen

Dr. Mindbender - Arnold Vosloo

Zartan - Luke Goss

Tomax & Xamot - David Belle (double acting)

Cobra list can be found here.

So what do you think of their line-up? Some are actually pretty good. And believe it or not, I think I like the Gung-Ho pick they have! He might not be muscley but who cares, he looks the part, right?

Some of these selections REALLY fit the character and their background. Especially the Tomax/Xamot/Belle pick. Anyone else notice a LOT of characters from the Blade series are in here? Where's Whistler?

Your thoughts? Better selections?
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