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How much longer will your iPod last?

Been eyeing the new sucktacular Apple products like the gheyPod touch? What about that new Zune's that have been raising a few eyebrows? Well what is stopping you? Oh I know what it is, you already own an iPod and you don't want to sell it. Let the innerwebz decide what to do with the The iPod Death Clock.

This is how long mine will last. That may seem short or long depending on your point of view but considering I have had this for about a year and half, have dropped it numerous times and still have about a year left, I am doing just fine.

How does it work and determine this? Simply enter your Serial Code to determine what type of iPod you have (type, generation, and color) and then and answer the questions asked. The questions are if you have gotten it wet, how often do you listen to it, and how many times you have dropped it.

Of course this isn't 100% accurate, it is an estimate but could be close to right.
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