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Wordle is fun, but the second you build a strategy is the second it loses its luster. The game feels fleeting like HQ Trivia; except instead of being too difficult, it's too easy. Good on Wardle for cashing out.


Another Game Awards show is around the corner. How do you guys feel about the mix of awards and announcements? Personally, I believe this should a pure awards experience and I hate seeing the awards sidelined by announcements.


I plan on doing a ranking of the Resident Evil series, should I play the original, or just stick with the remake(PS4)? For reference, I will be playing RE2 and RE3 original and remake. On one hand, RE Original and Remake are similar enough, but on


There are a couple of game franchises I want to blog about, but to do so I would need to pirate most of the games (unless I want to track down a wii, gamecube, etc.). What are your thoughts about blogging about games that were pirated?


"E3" is getting out of hand. Major outlets don't even know how many shows there are anymore. As bad as actual E3 was, at least it made everything manageable. Now it's borderline impossible to keep up with every event.


I'm trying to post a new blog, but it keeps asking if I'm a human. What do I do?


Ok, back to teasing upcoming blogs. My next blog will be a review of a game. The theme of this game is in relation to something the Pentagon released earlier this year.


I think it well last time, so I'll hint at my next blog. This one is going to be a doozy, so it's gonna take me a few days to write it. This is the most current release in a large franchise that's only been around for a little over a decade.


I don't use Qtoid enough, so I may start using it to hint at the next blog I'm working on. Either today, tomorrow, or the next, I will be releasing a blog looking back at a disappointing game in a popular franchise.


Here is my pitch: An English dub for the Yakuza series, except Majima has Carl Wheezer's voice and Kiryu's voice is Hugh Neutron (Jimmy Neutron's Dad).


The Summer in Mara review embargo is set for tomorrow, but Destructoid already put out their review of the game a few days aog. I wonder if they have a different embargo date, or if they broke embargo.


I cannot follow anybody. Every time I try, it takes me to the "you are now following this person" screen, but it doesn't actually follow anyone. Does anyone know how to fix this?


I just beat Half Life Alyx (did it all in two days). Easily the best VR game to date. Plus, I didn't expect my favorite level to be a stealth level. I'm gonna do a review soon, but I just had to say something now.


Are you allowed to add links to a personal blog in the community blogs?


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