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Conkers Bad Fur Day (10 years latter)

Rare, or Rareware, the developer that created Conkers Bad Fur Day was in this trend of creating these incredibly vibrant adventure games. All of which were successful. Rare continued the trend of making these kinds of colourful adventure ...


Bayou Billy (20 years latter)

What is Bayou Billy? Bayou Billy is at its core three well made games in one. It's a street brawling game, it's an offensive driving game, and it's a shooting gallery game. All under one narrative, be it a hairline narrative, backed ...


PhotoShop a Video Game Concept

So much concept art to unlock! So little time! Ever wonder why so many games that come out have behind the scenes footage? Or why DVD's and BluRays are just teeming with so much post and even sometimes pre production materials? My guess i...


Gamers Getting Played

I've been criticized in the past over some anecdotes I've given on video games and entertainment media before. But this guy GamersGettingPlayed he does it and says it all 4realz. GamersGettingPlayed is a 57 year old man who plays video ga...


Here is a realization for you 'gamers'.

You are not gamers. You are consumers. What you consume is called 'consumer electronics'. I can accept this. In fact, if and when video games are brought up in conversation I don't call myself a 'gamer' and I frown upon that paraphrase. My...


DC Universe Online - Hit or Miss?

When I picked up my giant collectors edition of DCUO on launch I really wanted to play it. When I got home, and input all my bonus codes, flipping through the sweet art book and comics, looking over the wing span of the batman statuette fro...


Mission Thwarted!

Mission failure! Try again! How is it a failure if you can try again? Attempt thwarted more like. Puzzle games, hell games in general, having to start a level over isn't a bad thing. Especially if the game is challenging and you have to ap...


Video Game Reviews

I rate this reviewing game a (4/5). Four self-righteous jack asses out of five. Or however many bloggers, youtubers, and the collective of folks who believe they have the integrity and self-worth to review pieces of media. Yeah, howeve...


Red Faction: Bad Choice of Words

*The following post is full of assertions. Incredibly amounts of assertions, that will be addressed properly in a future post once the game is released. I revel in a good story when a game tells one. And I deeply enjoy a game all the mor...


Gore in Video Games

The idea came to mind to create some kind of editorial, exposition, rant monster out of the history of blood, guts, and gore in video games. When it came to make my time line, which is to say, as soon as I went to do my research I found thi...


About Bibblyone of us since 11:41 AM on 02.16.2011

Hi!, My name is Aaron but you can call me Bibbly if you like. I make stuff out of things. Here's a sample of a thing made with stuff:

I am from Canada.

It is important you know that I am from Canada because we spell colour and flavour with a U and sometimes use British vernacular, probably because of Coronation Street and East Enders.

I'm a student in something called 'pre professional journalism'. Whatever that is. I'm a major of Philosophy and a minor in Sociology, mostly because critical thinking and the analysis and understanding of social behaviors makes me horny.

My ambitions include creating a fully animated rotoscoped feature length animatronic musical and to build a 'fusion' reactor in my backyard out of little more than a high power laser and an industrial vacuum. Both of these things are possible believe it or not.

My hobbies include Canadian Moose Throwing which is easier than it sounds and Snow Mobile Diving which is a sport that takes place after a failed attempt at extended hydroplaning or bad jump.

You can hit me up on Skype @: Bibbly53
And Email me @: [email protected]

Stay classy.