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Hi guys. I know I haven't been around for a few weeks, but I'm doing ok. Still playing Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokemon Go and Descenders. I have a bit of news I desire to share with UK Dtoid dwellers, but the rest of you can still check in the comments..


Bought a couple of discounted new EA games today. I had previously made sure, aside from certain reasons, that I avoided purchasing new stuff from them, but the 'reduced to clear' price in the store was great. More in comments.


Just popping in for a quick question. One day, I'd like to get a replacement for the Nintendo DS and get a 3DS as well. Which models does the Destructoid community feel are best?


Hi guys. Haven't done a Qpost for a while. I'd just like to make apologies about a blog post I did saying that I had some blogs prepped, but ultimately I didn't get around to finishing or posting them. More info in comments.


Now, what be this I got delivered a few days ago? https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/EqaCxEgMQiWZCb26tLEs


Happy Birthday Destructoid! :D I am tired. Can't be bothered to put in anything else other than 'CONGRATS'. =_=


#womantoid The ladies of Darkstalkers. https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/hQphYeR7Qe6xXrXvR2jb


I had a look at the BBC Sport app to see that they've set up their choices for 50 sport videogames, and most of them are good choices. They've also allowed people to chip in with omissions. Check it out.


To add to the extra impact that the coronavirus has had on life around me, one of my elderly family members passed away last week, beginning a bit of a stressful time dealing with stuff. More in comments.


I'm looking forwards to having a couple of days off work to do my own thing and play games. Makes a big difference from my work in the supermarket, noticing a huge contrast in the consumption of toilet roll and kitchen towel.


Hi guys! I moved to a new house with no internet for three weeks. Someone please update me on what's been happening here for the past four please. :)


I'm at EGX in London for the next few days. If any Dtoiders happen to be around, particularly on Saturday and Sunday, lemme know what you are up to. Send me a PM to meet up and have a quick chat, maybe. :)


Hey guys, something funny for you to enjoy. So glad I only need to watch highlights of the Tour De France stages rather than the whole race...


One of the games I think I forgot to mention I played at EGX's Rezzed Zone (over ten months ago) is Orange Island. More in comments...


Played Double Dragon today (on the Double Dragon Trilogy, Steam). My impressions in the comments.


For those in North America and Europe, Antstream, a streaming service for retro games has been 100% funded... (More in comments...)


And my final, favourite game in the Rezzed Zone is... Black Paradox! This side-scrooling shoot-em-up felt just right, flying a Delorean (or whatever you fly) through enemies and... (more in comments)(30/30)


One game I forgot about in the Leftfield Collection; The Murder Mystery Machine aims to have you examine a crime scene with all the evidence and... (more in comments)(29/30)


Yeah, it was another one of the those visual novels created by westerners, but I liked the look and art of Arcade Spirits, which is already out on Steam. Don't 'at' me. :P (28/30)


Yellow Rock Road is a weird, but very simple game, where you time your button presses to the visual and musical prompts. (more in comments)(27/30)


Already on Steam Early Access, Undercrewed had my attention because it looked a bit like another game I really love, FTL. Undercrewed, however, not only looks to make looking... (more in comments)(26/30)


I got to play This is Pool in the Rezzed Zone of EGX. These guys have made Hustle Kings and Pure Pool, so they know what they are doing. The devs put on a little competition for this fun... (25/30)


Soundfall, by Drastic Games, was a title which drew me in thanks to the lead character (Melody) design. Think of attacking in time like with Crypt of the NecroDancer, but instead you... (more in comments) (24/30)


Obsol33t, in its early alpha stage, is a first-person game that tasks you to maneuver around a hacker around a futuristic landscape. The problem? Your character is in a wheelchair... (more in comments)(23/30)


I remembered that today is the first day of Rezzed, the independent videogames wing of the Eurogamer Expo (EGX). Whilst I'm not going to it for the first time in a few years, this reminds me that I've still got some indie games from... (more in comments)


Mice on Venus is the game that most impressed me graphically out of the games in the Rezzed Zone. You play as (from what I remember) a private-eye who is gathering information... (more in comments)(22/30)


Another game being voted upon in the group of student efforts was Kitchen Imps. A couch co-op food fight game where you take control of an imp on a kitchen unit... (More in comments)(21/30)


Back to the Rezzed Zone impressions I had waaaay back in Septemeber at EGX in Birmingham. (Number 20/30) The next couple of titles are both retro-inspired platformers, under the names of Kid Tripp and Miles & Kilo. (More in comments)


Holofist sounds dirty, but it's actually a game where your protagonist uses a group of creatures like Pokemon, and allocates cards to help those creatures during battle. The game... (More in comments)(19/30)


I like the idea of games that make an effort to be an emergency services simulation, and Flashing Lights had me happy for a while. The game world is a bit empty/flat-looking, some of the positions your personnel have to be... (more in comments) (18/30)


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