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The Update and PSP Poser

Hello, and it�s a big welcome back to Mr. Batthink, one of the many lurkers that this wonderful site called Destructoid has. For those new to me, and wondering who the hell I am, this amazing lad of 27 years of age who has overcome mental ...


The Art Dump (Week 11: Secret Shake Edition)

Welcome back to another edition of the Art Dump. Above is, what I believe the crescendo of humour witnessed in HiImDaisy's Metal Gear Solid 2 events in four parts. It's like a 'Shakespeare's complete works in ten minutes' version. Re...


You've Bought The T-Shirt, Now Smell Like The Game

It's quite common for a piece of promotional randomness to be invented to try to increase sales of a game. We've all heard of the Megaman and Final Fantasy drinks, and I've been known to win or own the odd bit of gaming-related merchandise...


The Art Dump (Week 9: Before and After Edition)

The Ferrari Formula One pit before realising Timo Glock slipped behind Hamiltion, giving him the Driver's Championship instead of their driver, Felipe Massa... ...and when they get the news. Now that is a fast facepalm for the Ferra...


The FEAR: Alfred and Alexia�s Childhood Video

Towards the end of this month, I was racking my mind for another subject for the monthly musing after completing my first effort. I suddenly realised the moment I felt a fear that caught me off guard in a certain part of a game. That ga...


The Art Dump (Week 8: More Track And Field Designs)

One small step for girl, one giant leap for someone who just discovered PhotoFunia. I've been playing with my 360 quite a bit, with Need For Speed: Pro-Street taking up my sweet time. I'm over 70% through, and I'm gunning for the Speed,...


Toshinden is back, back, BACK!

Yes, it's back. After looking at Videogamer.com, I was alerted that the PS1/Saturn title is being ressurected for the Wii, according to Kotaku. I had fond memories of having a game-controller thrown at me when I managed to win a match o...


The Fear: Embarrassing Items

Imagine, if you will, that you are playing Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. It’s a game for petrol-heads and, if may excuse my blatant sexism, many alpha-males. It’s not a game for the casual audience of family members, smiling with false sa...


Stuff Magazine's 100 Greatest Games (Scans)

Stuff, just to recap, is a UK men's technology magazine. I decided to buy a copy, since it had the '100 Greatest Games' advertised on the cover. My reaction to the list was quite positive; the short write-ups against each game seemed to g...


Hard Working Golf GTIs In Time Hollowed Trailers

I got a few trailers from Videogamer.com of some upcoming games, and I've picked three that might interest you; GTI Club+ (PS3) [video]101739:260[/video] Yes, it's a Volkswagen racer made by the same people who did New Track And Field. ...


Oops...I Broke the DS

Not as bad as this. Bugger. I was perfectly happy, scribbling away at New International Track and Field when I knackered my DS. Believe me, from what I gather, the game is ripe for killing the Nintendo handheld. I found myself unable ...


The Art Dump (Week 4)

Hello again, and welcome to the Art Dump. This week I feel has been a bit light on the ground with the whole game-related art thing, but Katie Tiedrich has been on a bit of a roll recently with her comic strip. So lets start with that. ...


Instant Replay: Disgaea

As the end credits rolled and the final revelation of happened to Laharl, Etna and Flonne sank in, I felt both dissatisfaction and a huge urge to play the game again. I completed the game, but not to the conclusion I wanted. The cut-sce...


The Art Dump (Week 3)

Hello, and welcome to another Art Dump. I may have to consider dumping the Track and Field blog I've been doing... it's not getting enough attention, and besides, there is the monthly musing to think about. This week, Udon Crew has presen...


The Adventures of Batthink in NIFTAF (Week Two)

*rubrubrubrub rubrubrubrub rubrubrubrub rubrubrubrub rubrubrubrub rubrubrubrub rubrubrubrub…….. *tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic tictictictic…….. Oh, hello the...


The Art Dump (Week 2)

Hello, and welcome again to another bunch of game-related artwork that I've pulled out from DeviantArt and elsewhere. Remember, this is not your art. If you want to use these, I suggest contacting the producers of these pieces first. We'...


The Handheld Mega Drive/Genesis

I have heard and seen many examples of wish-fulfillment handhelds on D/Toid, but this is the real deal from a company called Blaze; This pic is very small, but its the only proof, alongside the article from VideoGamer.com covering this. ...


The Art Dump

I've now settled on a name for the art blog that I'm doing. This was mainly thanks to one of the recappers on the site. Anyway, I've recently ended a break from games, and I've had a go on Final Fantasy III (DS), resumed Shin Megami Tense...


A Cast Of Thousands: Yangus

When Rev. Anthony brought up this month’s musing, I immediately thought “cool, I can do someone like Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers or Etna from Disgaea”. However, I came up with two problems. One, since both have their own s...


Moar Artwork! (Part Three)

I’ve got a confession to make; I’ve won teh Voltronz! Translation: I was jammy enough to win a copy of the first collection of Voltron, an anime that was very seldom seen in Britain. I’ll get to watching it after Ghost In The She...


Moar Artwork! (again)

Hello again. :) I bring good tidings. I have recently attended a motorcycle CBT (Complusive Basic Training) test. And I have passed. Yippee! Now I am one step closer to my ultimate goal; I jest. I have been advised to ride about my...


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