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With your drums and guns and guns and drums haroo haroo


**Goes to change avatar for Halloween** Wait... I forgot to change this back from last year, didn't I? Fuck it.


Adding Sega Saturn support is pretty sweet. I'll still wait until they actually ship something, but it sounds great.


This better be a mistake, Bethesda. Link in the comments.


Forsaken Remastered is coming to Steam and Xbox One next week (July 31st) from Nightdive Studios.


Pretty much an unofficial Gameboy Classic for just under $50 shipped (I only checked US and UK for shipping). Open source software so there's already a load of work going into the emulators too.


I'm amazed this kind of kit took so long to appear. 8bitdo have them for NES, NES Classic, SNES, SNES Classic and Genesis/MegaDrive for $20. Though you'll also need one of their receiver dongles if you want to use them on original hardware.


Square Enix are doing a player survey thing. I'll drop the link in the comments.


So the Polymega guys turned up for e3 with a functioning unit apparently. They're not going to crowdfund but will be taking preorders in about 3 months


Wait, none of the MechWarrior games are on GOG or Steam? How the did that happen? Time to dust off my MW4 discs I guess...


...And Xenonauts 2 was fully funded in a few hours


MechWarrior 5 slips to 2019, though that's not really surprising. There'll be a new playable demo at MechCon in December


Figured I'd copy LimoMaker too with the games I'm most looking forward to from e3. As well as a couple of titles set for the near future but MIA from the press events.


Fuck, now I need Sega to announce Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PC. I was going to grab a PS4 for it, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that the clock is running out on this gen.


I'm looking forward to Rage 2 and Doom Eternal, Fallout 76 is a nope and Starfield and TES6 will be at e3 next year so I don't care yet.


Maybe there's a Tales of Vesperia remaster on the way? Link in the comments.


Ooh Chrono Trigger got updated again. Mostly more UI changes and a fourth planned for later in the month.


I see no way this will blow up in Valves face. A link to the full post is in the comments


Over $2,000,000 in a day for that Atari VCS. And I think they could have massively increased that if the messaging focused on what the hardware can do instead of just their digital store. The amount of confusion around what they're selling is unreal.


Well that Atari VCS just launched on indiegogo and smashed its $100,000 goal in a few minutes. Still very little on what APU is driving it outside of being an older Bristol Ridge one.


Maybe an N64 mini might actually get released this year.


The original Unreal is free on Steam and GOG now


A few days ago Gamespot made this video going quite indepth on the Beyond Skyrim mod project(s). It's well worth the 14 minutes if you're a fan of mods. I'm looking forward to seeing these mods release somewhere down the road.


Rage 2 Gameplay trailer (kind of). Looks like fun though.


Not a thing I've tried out yet, but it sounds very promising.


Abe's Odyssey is free on Steam for a limited time. An add it to your library now, keep it forever type thing.


"nearly 1 billion hours on games in our Xbox One Backward Compatibility library" -- Microsoft "PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?" -- Sony


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