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Grim Fandango: Gangster as Funk

Welcome friends! I figured I have gone long enough without writing a little blog.   For this installment I’ll be getting a little bit funky and fresh with a little number called Grim Fandango released way back in 1998. ...


Gaming Polygamy: A Cry for Help

I've got a problem you guys. I think many of you can relate. I've got an itch that's hard to scratch. An insatiable lust that I just don't know how to shake. You know, when you're playing a game, and you're loving it. You can't put it ...


Gamer Gush: Dead Island

Spoiler warning! Read at your own risk as I may reveal major game spoilers. Enjoy! I wrote this some time ago, and now that the HD remasters for Dead Island and DI: Riptide are on the way, I thought I'd post this here. I am actually qu...


Gamer Gush: Final Fantasy IX

So a little disclaimer here. This is my first blog I did in the Gamer Gush series. I wrote this a few months ago and am posting it here for your reading pleasure. So a couple things: First off, I've posted a few other of these on here,...


Gamer Gush: Red Dead Redemption

SPOILER ALERT: Be aware that this has extensive spoilers in it for a 6 year old game. If you haven't played Red Dead Redemption (and you really should), proceed at your own risk. Enjoy! So this time I figured I'd write about one of my...


Gamer Gush: Darksiders

Originally posted August 2015 on wordpress, reposted here with some light editing. Hopefully I'll churn out some newer, better written stuff. Enjoy! Late night post! So I'm replaying both titles, and wanted to write...


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So after becoming a fan of Jim Sterling, knowledge of him led me here and I've been following Dtoid regularly for awhile now. After joining I've come to realize that the community seems like a swell bunch of people (by internet standards).

Seriously though, I tend to enjoy the news coverage here a bit more than most places, and have gotten some actual insight from the comments sections around here.

My main stomping ground, forum wise, is the quiet little place of https://hondosbar.com/forum/ . It's a fantastic group of folks that talk about things from Video Games, Comics, movies and alot of other stuff. We always welcome new peeps if you wanna join up. I'm Axels on there, come say hi! Give it a looksee if it tickles your fancy.

Looking forward to posting and contributing more!