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Picked up the latest issue of Southern Bastards today. Been way too long since the last trip to Craw County.


Bought a used knockoff game console called the Power Kracker 2013, which claimed to have 76,000 games. The AC adapter was missing and someone had crammed an off-brand GameCube controller inside the box. I don't know what I expected.


Bought my first cassette tape in, well, ever I guess. For those who have watched Over the Garden Wall, a physical tape was sold a few weeks back modeled after the one Wirt made for Sara on the show. 22 minutes of lo-fi clarinet and poetry.


I feel kind of bad for the Diamond Dogs intel team. They work so hard to show me all the plants I immediately run by.


It's always neat hearing enemy guards talk about Big Boss in The Phantom Pain. Adds a nice personal touch when you jump out, shoot them in the face, and balloon them away.


Going to the first college football game I've been to in a long time. Beautiful day for it. Any other fans of college ball?


My DVD copy of Over the Garden Wall came in today. Such an amazing mini series. Great story, beautiful music, gorgeous art, and an all-around wonderful piece of Americana.


My MGSV: The Phantom Pain playthrough has quickly devolved into a journey to fill out Big Boss' 80's synth pop collection. And I couldn't be happier.


We are Diamond Dogs.


Reserved my copy of The Phantom Pain today and my car died on the way back home. Thanks Konami. On the plus side, I got to ride in a tow truck to the auto shop. Felt like an elementary school field trip or something for a few minutes.


Tried out some studio headphones with Alien: Isolation. I never noticed just how great the sound design is. And now I'm scared to play it again.


Only a week left until I get to abduct sheep and body surf my cardboard box into the glories of Outer Heaven.


Almost ran over a rabbit while mowing the lawn today. Feel like some kind of cartoon villain now...


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It's incredible just how much video games have changed and advanced in the decades since their inception; I can't wait to see where games go from here.

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