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Cult of the Lamb Review: In Sheep's Clothing

At first glance, Cult of the Lamb looks inviting, with cute, cuddly anamorphic characters, a cartoonish visual style, and an (initially) whimsical soundtrack.  After peeling back a layer, the game’s darker details are unvei...


Pokemon Legends Arceus Review: A New Beginning

The Pokemon formula is one of the most proven successes in the video games industry.  After all, it is the highest grossing media franchise in the world.  With such established success, it isn’t surprising that the ser...


Elden Ring Review: Seizing the Throne

It was in 2011 that many felt they were falling out of love with the Legend of Zelda series with the release of Skyward Sword.  The newest release was too linear, too handholdy, and almost nothing similar to the original NES titl...


Pokemon: A Comfortable Success

I recently got my hands on Pokemon Legends Arceus after a busy start to the year and I was immediately amazed at how we didn’t get this game 10 years ago.  Pokemon, since its inception as a franchise in 1996, has primarily ...


My Top 10 Games of 2021

I think 2021 will be remembered as a quiet year for games.  There were few blockbuster titles that blew us away, and the majority of the gaming public is still waiting to experience next-gen with supply chain issues making it almo...


20 Music Tracks that Defined Games in 2021

Often, the most memorable moments from a video game is not a set piece, or game mechanic, but its soundtrack.  As we end 2021, I wanted to make a list of the top tracks from games that I have played this year.  While there ma...


Jackbox Party Pack 8 Initial Impressions

Jackbox party pack is a franchise that releases every year, offering easy to pick up party games that players can enjoy socially in a local setting.   Every year, my family plays the newest installment of Jackbox over the holiday...


The Games that Made Us

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the holiday bonanza that was 2011.  I look back fondly on 2011 as it was the year I truly fell in love with video games.  Prior, I had spent my gaming world really ent...


The Artful Escape Review: An Identity Crisis

The Artful Escape’s psychedelic presents the sci-fi escapades of Francis Vendetti, a musician  who lives under the shadow of his famous folk musician uncle.  Francis is burdened with the public’s expectations of ...


Metroid Dread Review: Polished, but Predictable

The influence of Metroid in the games industry cannot be overstated, to the point where the title is almost synonymous with “metroidvania” genre - games which seek  to emulate the highs of the classic 16 bit era, focu...


Outriders Day One Review

Outriders is a sci-fi looter shooter in which you play as an Outrider, a member of an elite expeditionary force with superhuman powers.  Earth has become a desolate wasteland, and humans have fled to the alien planet of Enoch, wh...


Narita Boy Review: A Bygone Journey

There was a time when retro-inspired indie games were a novel concept.  Now, the market is flooded with computer games seeking to emulate both the presentation and gameplay of 80s and 90s gaming.  Narita Boy looks and feels ...


Tis the Season: Seasonal Association with Games

The seasonal cycle in the video games industry is consistent.  Typically, we see the biggest titles hit around the holiday season, indies are sprinkled in the earlier parts of the year, and during the dog days of summer we can go ...


20 Music Tracks that Defined Games in 2020

A good video game soundtrack can make a bad game pretty decent, and a good game great.  We had plenty of great games this year, and in turn some great soundtracks. There were a ton of great tracks from games this year, and probabl...


My Top 10 Games of 2020

A lot went down this year.  While there was much that sucked about 2020, the games industry made sure that we had a ton of great titles to sink our teeth into while we quarantined at home for the better part of the year.  Her...


Hades Review: Making Repetition Fun

The hook of rogue style games is their replayability, constantly shifting dungeon designs, upgrade choices, and the quest to get just a little farther in each subsequent run.  Hades takes elements from these games, and blends the...


Crusader Kings III Review: A New Regime

Crusader Kings II was one of my most played titles from the past decade.  Originally released in 2012, Paradox Interactive supported their popular grand strategy title for 6 years with over a dozen expansions, offering new game m...


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Metroid Dread: 7/10
Wildermyth: 7/10
Griftlands: 8/10
It Takes Two: 8/10
Outriders: 4/10
Narita Boy: 5/10