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What is everyone's hour count in Elden Ring? I'm at 68hrs after just getting through Morgott.


It seems every outlet has a different GOTY and I know my top 10 list seems to change daily. Some solid games, but no real standouts IMO. Honestly I think there were over 10 games released last year that could be my '21 GOTY. Weak year but '22 looks crazy


Looking to make a blog about the Destructoid community's favorite games from 2021. Comment below your top 10 games (in order) below and I will look to include your list in an end of year blog. Happy Thanksgiving!


Check out my review for the Artful Escape. While this game has an alluring art style and some charismatic characters, it ultimately fell flat in its objective to be a video game. Interesting superficially, but not engaging. Link in the comments:


Check out my Metroid Dread review! I liked it, but wished it did more to expand on the classic Metroid formula. https://www.destructoid.com/--642381.phtml#post


Eldest Souls is hard. Too hard. As someone who has beaten every Souls game, Eldest Souls veers too far into the realm of frustration. Movement is inanely slow and movement feels painful. There are challenging games that feel much better to control.


Played Resident Evil 8 for the first time over the weekend. Good God I've never gotten more motion sick from a game in all my life. Felt like I was about to hurl after 20mins. Adjusted some settings which somewhat helped...anyone else experience this?


Finally got around to checking out Gears 5, and it's bringing me back to my 360 days. Crazy that Gears 3 is almost a decade old, I've probably sunk hundreds of hours into the multiplayer of the GOW franchise.


Retroactively moving Cyberpunk down a bit in my top games of 2020 list after finishing it. I had fun with it, but there are so many things wrong with this game. The fact that the devs envisioned a 2022 release says it all.


Playing Immortals Fenyx Rising and FFVII Remake, 2 games I missed out on in 2020. Realistically I can say that these 2 would have made my top 10 had I played them sooner.


My AC Valhalla Xbox One playthrough has been more buggy than Cyberpunk. Game acts as if Eivor is tripping on mushrooms and crashes after 2 minutes each time I try to play. Broken.


Gears Tactics is a solid strategy game that quickly devolves into repetitive cycle of the same missions and maps on it's obviously padded third act. The side missions have bizarre difficulty spikes and aren't optional at all. It quickly burnt me out. 5/10


Star Renegades has some interesting concepts in its turn based combat but gets bogged down by tiresome map traversal, cluttered UI, and frustratingly unbalanced difficulty. It has some nicely animated combat and cool pixel art, but I'd give it a 5/10.


Love the new Animal Crossing fall update - just wish my villagers would give me a jack o'lantern recipe already!


Feels like this is the year of the roguelike. So many great ones this year. Currently playing Hades and Star Renegades.


Ready to sink 100s of hours into Crusader Kings III. Little more than a month away, can't wait.


Ghost of Tsushima is my runaway GOTY so far, it's not super innovative with the open world formula but it does everything so well that you hardly notice. Was never a huge fan of the Infamous games from Sucker Punch, but kudos to the studio for GOT.


Last of Us Part II review coming soon. Honestly for all the game does well I soured on it towards the end with its sluggish pacing and "meh" characters. I wanted to like it more than I did. A lot to love but nowhere near a masterpiece in opinion.


About 5 hours into Last of Us part 2 - I can see why this one was divisive. Graphics, Gameplay + Environments are A+. We'll see where the rest of this story goes, but I've enjoyed Ellie and Dina's adventure so far


Just bought the Last of Us Part II, trying to go in with an open mind


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