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If you have not played Monaco, do yourself a favor and pick it up on switch because this is first time it's been on sale in years. It is one of my favorite co-op games ever. And they're working on a sequel!


The maps they added in the recent Team Fortress 2 update are just fantastic.


Spider-Man 2 trailer was cool, although I hope Spider-Man 3 (or Morales 2) is in a new city. Shanghai, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Vancouver, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt... somewhere new.


where’s buck bumble when you need him


Anybody else obsessed with ranking the games they play? I do it all the time and I don't know why. I was playing something yesterday and thought "well I'd rank this above X, but not above Y." Why do I care, what does it matter


Mario movie got me in a Mario mood so I went and replayed 3D Land. I completely forgot how great the final bowser fight is. Might be my favorite in the franchise. Super kinetic and fun.


We are 2 weeks away from mike bithell's Tron game. I'm legitimately excited haha, I love this series. Watched both movies this weekend, onto the cartoon next.


I have a list of Wii U and 3DS download codes that I never redeemed from Humble Bundles. Eshop closes in 2 weeks. Please take them. List in the comments.


I played 30 minutes of Kameo today. I've had my fill, but it was a fascinating window back into that early 2000s lord of the rings fever. I didn't realize I had nostalgia for that era, but apparently so! Weirdly charming even tho it feels so dated


Heads up for those interested: the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 soundtracks are now on Spotify and Apple Music.


I now own a Series S, my 1st xbox since the 360. The best thing so far? Mirror's Edge 1 at 60 fps with almost no load times. What an awesome surprise. I knew they added backwards compat last gen, but not that they improved performance on some games.


Some u.s. eshop prices on games that rarely get discounts: samurai shodown Neogeo collection $10, Machinarium $3, Creaks $6, castle crashers $8, assault android cactus $5, mulaka $2, obra dinn $14, night in the woods $10. Happy end of 2022


Played the new Mario Kart DLC today. I have put a ridiculous amount of time into this series, and I still have fun every time I boot it up. I wonder if MK9 will be full-blown Nintendo Kart. Stages from pikmin, kirby, pokemon... I'd love that.


These 3 followed closely by KH melody of memory, DKCTF and SNES stuff. Honorable mention to Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, which I started 3 or 4 years ago and finally powered through till the end.


I've seen a few ads on youtube for "cloud gaming chromebooks". Here are the supported platforms they list on their promo website. I can't shake the feeling that something's missing... Stevia? Stadium? Can't remember the name


the japanese sonic cd logo is one of humanity's greatest artistic achievements


I don't play games involving Rabbids. This has always been my north star, my moral compass, my survival instinct. But after listening to the soundtrack of the new Mario + Rabbids...I might become a changed man.


Reading those Sonic Frontiers impressions from EGX, I'm finally on board. Fun movement + good music = good hedgehog video game. Like, if the game is 70% fun movement and 30% jank, that's enough for me. I'm optimistic now.


I liked Downwell a lot but never fell in love with it. Poinpy, on the other hand, feels like it was custom made for me. Played for 4 hours straight yesterday. If you liked Downwell, I'd recommend paying for a month of netflix just for this.


Some stray Nintendo thoughts: 1) Where is my Rhythm Heaven on switch. 2) I want to play Genesis games but I can't decide between buying the collection with the input lag or buying the NSO expansion. 3) new Kirby was great, putting thoughts in comments


Yesterday I discovered this remix of FF7's One-Winged Angel in the style of the Plok boss music. It is absolutely insane. Might be my favorite version of the song.


Ladies and gentlemen we ask that you please rise and remove your hats as we honor kingdom hearts 4 with the playing of the kingdom hearts anthem


One of my favorite Kirby songs


Are you keeping up with the Commodore? 'Cause the Commodore is keeping up with you.


On today's episode of "Remixes I Find on Youtube that Blow the Originals Out of the Water"...


TIL that Japan got a Peanuts game on SNES called Snoopy Concert. Hip Tanaka, one of the composers behind Earthbound (and a bunch of other Nintendo games), arranged all the music. It's great!


Powering through that backlog! Finally played Mario Sunshine, Castlevania 1/4/Bloodlines, Abzu, Long Return and like 10 hours of Bioshock 1. All were great. CV4 is magical, played through it 3 times.


What's your gaming white whale? So either a game that you keep trying but can't get into, or a game you've never had time to finish? Or maybe just a game you admire from afar?


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I might actually buy a Stadia?!? Controller + chromecast ultra currently on sale for $22. What has the world come to.


Found this today. Youtube can be a gold mine for good remixes.


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