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Trailer Park Gems - Sharktopus Might end this whole thing [NVGR]

It's a little dusty in here isn't it? *cough* *cough* Well It's been a while since there's been anything worth posting anyway. But Well Heck I guess I can squeeze out at least one more set of Gems before I might leave this wonderful place The details aren't super important and are best saved for another time, Because right now It's time to Dig through The trailer Trash for the Gems.

This is one of the most Special pieces I've ever shown on the gems, I am a huge fan of Sfyf embracing the ludicrous and making bmovie sholock Like magnificent bastards that they are, but they might have out done themselves here.

You're asking: They top Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus? Mega Piranha? Hell Yes they do. This Trailer is their opus of all trailers. The king of the B Movie.

I give you the glory that is SHARKTOPUS

I'll wait while you watch that...

You watched it right? Good.


They had a killer theme song that reminds me of old Surf rock and even the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater song. They waste no time in showing off some of the gore, which looks as amazing as ever. We see the Velveeta Acting (it's beyond Cheese at this point) which is top notch as always it seems. Underwater cameras too. The effects might be some of the best yet, because well SHARKTOPUS EATS A SHARK, STABS A WOMAN, DRAGS PEOPLE BACK TO THE WATER, AND EVEN WALKS ON LAND. MOTHER OF GOD IF I SAW AN OCTOPUS WITH A SHARK'S HEAD WALKING UP ROCKS TO GET TO ME, I'D DIE KNOWING IT WAS TO THE KING OF B-MOVIE MONSTERS!

ANYWAY, Yeah SHARKTOPUS WILL BE AMAZING, Keep your eyes Peeled to SfFy for when it's premiering, because who knows if they can top this.

So I hope You enjoyed what may be the final Trailer Park from yours truely. Catch you next time friends.
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