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Modern Warfare 2, I won't miss you.

Well it's done. I've mailed off Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to the man chosen by Goozex.

And I couldn't be happier.

It was a tough decision to make I think, considering I usually like to save games like a certain editor *cough*Sammit*cough* But I couldn't stand playing it anymore. The fun of the game was drained out faster than Vampires Badass Status thanks to Twilight. It looked like a Roller Coaster on the Horizon before launching, but after I got off I just felt like i wasted a chunk of my Day at a theme park to ride the underwhelming ride.

Maybe I should explain a bit on how I treated Cod4 first off. It was the first, first person shooter I played consistently online for a long while. I never got into Halo or the WW2 era cods, So when this game came out i was uber excited for it. It's hard to explain how I played the game without sounding crazy, I mean I didn't camp like most people who played it. Basicly I ran around with RPGs, Knives and Martyrdom, Essentially a Suicide Bomber.

I didn't mind dying a lot. Because it was FUN still, and i took people with me to the grave usually.

But come MW2...the fun wasn't there anymore.

I mean I was able to improve on my strategy even more, with the advent of perks that can make the player essentially a Predator. But damn if I didn't get sniped every spawn.

The camping had skyrocketed since launch, to the point where I've seen about on average 2/3 in Free for all, and 5/6 in team games who are not camping. About 1/2 the matches i played in the last 2 weeks ended with a nuke, Which for those who don't know requires an insane number of kills in a row to get, which really can only be gotten if you're camping, I don't doubt it's possible to get it without camping, but it damn hard to do so, considering the huge amount of camping going on.

Now I know i sound a bit like a Broken Record, but like hell I'll keep the game if I can only enjoy 1/2 my time playing the thing. Camping is a consistent problem with most shooters of this ilk so calling this game out is maybe borderline silly. But like hell if whenever i played Halo at a friend's place, at least Camping was only a minority of players...

Don't get me Started on Glitches either but damn there's a metric ton of them that seem to pop up. The exploding one I didn't mind though because it was funny most of the time.

And with the upcoming Map Pack which is like 1200 points for 2 new maps and 3 old ones....BULLSHIT I SAY. The first cod had a rip off over priced pack too that I never bought, so I'm refusing this one too.

Now I wait for for my shot to get Bad Company 2 from goozex, and see if it fares any better...if not i'll be swearing off Army shooters for a long time. Maybe i'll break down and get Halo Reach later this year even...O well...Either way I'm going back to Deadly Premonition now
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