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2016 in Review - A compendium

Hello everyone, the wine is poured and I'm ready to finally do this blog looking back on 2016. It's been a very eventful year hasn't it? There have been births, deaths, and all sorts of things that happen in between those two things. O...


Destructoid Game Jam - Preparing to Jam

Recently in the QP's Jed brought up the idea of a Destructoid game jam based on the knowledge that Humble Bundle had just recently had a Game Maker special. Little did he know that I was planning one as well, but rather than just drop...


Making a case against blocking

The rise of the information age has made it so everyone has a soapbox and a megaphone and so long as they have the will they can get their opinions to anyone. Because of this you can find anyone to agree with your opinion on varying s...


Strategy Game Night Interest Gathering

Well after much talking and saber rattling it's time to finally get this thing started. In association with Friday Night Fights a Destructoid production would proudly like to present the idea of starting a strategy game night here among the...


Animal Crossing: Nihilism Simulator

Line up to die, lugubrious, as the masters herd you towards the killing floor. As go the cows, so go men. There is no God here. Only Arbys. -@Nihilist_Arbys My girlfriend has been slavishly playing Animal Crossing: City Folk for about a y...


2012: The Year I Discovered Independent Gaming

Going into this year I had no big expectations for big name gaming releases, The Last Guardian was nowhere to be seen and seemingly sinking, BioShock: Infinite was already looking to be delayed and I had no interest in the big name AAA titl...


On Nintendo and Growing Up

[[Originally wrote this for my Tumblr but it feels more at home here among fellow gamers, enjoy]] ------------------------ It seems that Nintendo has been cropping up in my life a lot recently, what with my girlfriend receiving a Gamecube...


E3 Reactions: Live Sony Press Conference Blog

Welcome folks to something I do every year, but instead of putting it on a blog that no one will read, I decided to share it with the D-Toid community. This also means I will not blow up my followers on twitter's news feed. It's almost 8:15...


E3 Approaches: A Return to Normalcy

I am a man who grew up a Nintendo Boy, year after year I would play all the best offerings that Nintendo put up, and as I got older and gained more money I also acquired a love of Sony products starting with the PS2. But even still as I got...


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