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Marry Christmas to all! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Secret Samta this year. I gave all but 3 of the badges to your Disqus accounts. If you don't see it on yours that's because I couldn't find a comment. Please comment in this thread


It has been two days and I'm still in desperate need of this on a sticker.


I feel bad that Nolan is releasing his latest attempt at a banger on the same weekend as this guaranteed kino (no I don't).


I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this. One boot coming right up. (Edit: oof that compression, full image in the comments)


Glad to see the secret samta gifts making their way to the recipients. Keep sharing your bounties! Song related.


Hewdoggy. Tetris Grand Master is a doozy. Not only is the ramp up the fastest I've seen in a game, but the limited slide/rotate after a piece touches your stack is jarring to get used to. Feels like a nice midway point between modern and NEStris.


Merry #cursedmas everyone! Please remember to keep images in the comments of your posts so that those who don't want to see them aren't forced to.


Back by popular demand, Secret Samta is happening once again! Sign up link is in the comments. We'll be drawing names TODAY! I'm going out for some groceries and will draw the names when I get back. Last chance to join in!


I knew that maybe, just maybe, if I was a good enough person that one day the devs behind EYE: Divine Cybermancy would be allowed to make a game that crosses Doom 2016 and WH40k with a grapple hook thrown in for good measure. I'm glad it came true...


A little late to this but what's the interest level for a community secret santa this year? If there's a decent response I can get one going here by the end of the week and pull names next week at some point.


Watched Dark City for the first time in a long while last night. It's always so sad when you watch something you loved years ago and it just doesn't hold up any more. It's a stupidly beautiful movie aesthetically but my god was that story ass.


Good news! Got my trash into the bin just as the truck was driving up to collect it. I will now field questions from the press on this monumental achievement or any other pertinent issues.


Staring down another long cold winter so have a shitty stream of conscious and a long forgotten indie jazz band that I still love.


Happy birthday Chris! My favorite bakery is overrun by people attending a football game today so I shall celebrate appropriately tomorrow.


Showed my partner Ed Wood last night. With Burton's recent news that he's done making movies for Disney I hope he can rediscover some of the heart he put into Ed Wood because it's dripping out of the screen.


Hot take. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's "patented" Tarantino violent ending is its worst part and it almost undoes everything great that the preceding two and a half hours did.


You know if y'all had just said Outer Wilds was a "narrative hipster space exploration" game I would have played it a lot sooner.


Genesis Alpha One is up for grabs over at GOG because of their Halloween sale. Super fun game about building and maintaining an aircraft and its crew while surviving excursions to alien worlds for supplies.


It's time for the Cyclist Cabal to rise up and end the car dependent infrastructure grip on our throats.


Legitimately never thought I'd see this day, ever. Happy release day to all the numbers nerds!


Found the Tales from the Loop soundtrack as I was finishing up a review last night and it immediately threw me back into a love spiral for the show. It was such a beautiful speculative slice of life show that gave glimpses into worlds that might have been


Barton Fink remains the unsung hero of the Coen Bros filmography. Carry on with your evening.


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