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Goodnight Qtoid. We truly had something special that we could call our own. It was fun while it lasted. I won't forget the friends and memories. See you all on the Discord (dropping an invite in the comments for any stragglers) and on CoHost. <3


I'm reminded of The Talos Principles "Road to Gehenna" DLC right now, and I dont like that. I'll be here until the lights go out but also on Discord, CoHost or wherever the community ends up. I'm happy that we have/had something special. Never forget that


Gaj and I watching an obscure 4 year old movie on the same day without planning it.


Fully embracing being a depressed Midwesterner by diving headfirst into The Handsome Family discography.


You think you're tough? 1v1 me in Tetris Effect Connected brah


Kojima in the Criterion Closet, Kojima in the Criterion Closet. This is not a drill.


Cormac McCarthy died. I've been mentally preparing for it for a bit but it still stings quite a bit. Especially since I've been hankering to go back and give Blood Meridian another read. This sucks.


Excuse me CDPR, this new story contradicts with my Cyberpunk RED continuity. Please delete, thank you.


Finally mounted the canvas on some stretchers and now I've got a whole Nixon corner.


Death Stranding is a weird as hell game. That's the post.


Where were you folks? I had the coolest party, everyone was there! Didn't you get my Qpost invite?


MGS3 Remake for PC, Collection also likely coming to PC. Talos Principle II coming to PC, Ghostrunnner II coming to PC. What a great PC showcase. Current status:


Now I can bug all of you to play two Talos Principle games! Isn't that grand? Well three if you count Sigils of Elohim...


This is what my NG+ run of Stranger of Paradise has been distilled down to. Literally a mage with a six shooter.


Me after watching Everything, Everywhere, All at Once:


Saturday night leftover cheese steak sandwich status:


#Kaufmantoid Synecdoche, New York showed up on the Criterion Channel and I'm mentally hanging on by a string because of work stress so I said why not? Still one of the best movies ever made that also drives a knife into your soul. 10/10


Been a long long time since I was this excited for a movie. Can't wait.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I won my Cuba Libre tournament!!! It was a long game and I thought I was out of it early on but I (the Mafia) managed to scrape out a win. The entire game was streamed with interviews and commentary if you are at all interested.


To sum up the week I've had: decided to treat myself and make an afternoon coffee to celebrate the end of an 11 day run at work. I went to grind some salt into the french but accidentally grabbed the pepper grinder. Sigh.


Today I killed someone in Hunt by poisoning their knee caps. Love this game.


Gordon Freeman never killed a single person (Combine aren't people)


Three very important news developments: Tonberries are in Strange of Paradise (hype), After Hours is coming to the Criterion Collection (Hype), and I got engaged over the weekend (HYPE)


Gaj's Eva posts inspired me to finally watch the 2nd Rebuild. Suffered from some pacing issues in the beginning but the second half was pretty good. Interested to see it all fly off a cliff in the third one (so so I'm told)


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