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About AnteMatterone of us since 5:07 PM on 01.24.2011

Hello World!
My name�s AnteMatter (not really but you get the point) or just Ante for short. I like videogames, you like videogames, we can relate. So how did I exactly get into gaming? Two words: Super Nintendo. I spent a lot of my childhood at a friend�s house playing SNES games such as Kirby Superstar and Street Fighter II. Eventually my brother and I begged our parents enough to get one of our own. It was at this point in my life that I fell in love with a little game called Yoshi�s Island. Ahhh nostalgia. We eventually upgraded to a N64 (I even sold my SNES to buy it which was probably the dumbest decision in my life!), unaware that our SNES was outdated for so long. I spent many days playing Super Smash Bros. and renting Paper Mario every other week. I also got a Gameboy Color around this time, where hours upon hours were spent playing Pokemon. Eventually I acquired a PS2, Gamecube, NDS, Wii, and that pretty much sums up what I have now.

Currently playing:
Wii- No More Heroes, Little King Story, A Boy and his Blob
NDS- Ghost Trick
PS2- Shadow of the Colossus

Favorite video game quotes:
�If you ask me if this is Paradise or Hell, I�d definitely call this paradise!� �Kisuke, Muramasa: The Demon Blades
�The moosifer is not amused� �Dragon Quest IX
�To this day, I STILL don�t know how much my wife really weighs!� �Ghost Trick