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My Game Fears: Nightmares with Kerbal Space Program

Hey ditts, welcome to my long overdue second chapter of the little series I decided to call My Game Fears. Last time i shortly shared with you my struggle to advance against the unknown in Ico, you can check it here. Nightmares with Kerbal...


My game fears: I was afraid to play Ico

Howdy Dtoiders I've been wanting to write a Cblog for a long while already and i think I've come up with a nice topic to talk about, if i don't get lazy or coward to write ever again i might do a short series about this. I have plenty of ca...


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Hey! I'm Tom, 21 and from Argentina. Young designer/developer student.
I've been using the same pair of glasses since 2006 and to keep the glass from falling I sewn the frame with a needle and thread, guess that describes myself perfectly.