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Sitting here drinking my one bottle of alcohol a month (this month is port). Sometimes i feel life isn’t as bad as i think it is. I’ve had my traumas. Lost family, friends, and a cat. It’s hard to keep going, but i can’t forget the good people. <3


I didn't think it would be possible, but I got the Platinum trophy for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. The hardest one was getting to level 20 in endless quest mode. Before this post, I also needed to perfect chain the 5 top hit's (not sure if in a row).


Oh Snap Cereal: This video in particular (uploaded by my streaming distributor) has over 1,000 views, almost 80 likes, and a few comments. It was a pleasant surprise to see. The views are dying down, but it was kind of nice to get attention.


There are two things I can always count on. One is my friends here at Destructoid being cool people talking about video games, and the second is my abacus.


I'm starting to get into ultimate in Theatrhythm. I managed a perfect chain of 536 notes in FFVI - Battle to the Death. Pretty good first attempt. It may never happen again :p I'm almost always prone to missing at least one note.


I completed all the series quests in Theatrhythm. Some of them took a lot of trial and error, and a few had me go to reddit to use certain team comps (I have all characters level 99). I only have 3 trophies left to platinum the game. Can I do it? :p


If it wasn't obvious from my previous qposts, I absolutely LOVE theatrhythm. It's just a fun experience. I do have one concern, it's a personal one. I'm not finding ultimate "fun". I like a challenge, but this game is weird to my brain, makes it work hard


I absolutely destroyed Theatrhythm on expert. Played through all of the songs including the DX/DLC stuff. I don't know if you can make out this image, but the beat all non DX/DLC songs trophy is like 0.2% (getting higher though). Proud of myself :)


SWARM (2019): I wrote this song after a dream I had, where I was at some kind of schoolyard, and it was being attacked by a ton of huge bees. In other news, Theatrhythm is coming out very soon. I don't know if I'm going to stick to expert or try ultimate


The Abstraction (2012): I might've written about this song before, but I want to share it again. The song tells a story about a ship being pursued by pure darkness/evil. Each section is a different part of the chase.I might go into full detail in comments


I'm happy to report that after 13 hours of playtime, I'm finally starting to figure out the ultimate charts in theatrhythm. The supreme charts will forever be out of reach :p Also, I finally got switch online + expansion, so I'll be playing warioware :p


I'm not the only one that remembers the price of old cartridge games, am I? FFIII SNES cost my father damn near 90 dollars with tax brand new. I'm not saying prices should go up. But games used to be quite expensive for what they were.


I pre-ordered the regular Deluxe edition of Theatrhythm (not the super deluxe :P). It comes with the bonus tracks + season pass 1, which will cover me for the first few months. I put over 10 hours into the demo. I'm gonna have a blast with the full game.


I am extremely excited for Theatrhythm on PS4/Switch. Especially looking at the Song List (can't seem to link to the blog). It's important to note the DLC will be spread out over months. I'll probably pick up the Deluxe version instead of the Super Deluxe


I found an old video of me playing whatever I feel like while wearing the Dtoid shirt (which no longer fits :/). It didn't get many views then, most likely the case now. But if you want to learn more about me, the best way is to listen to my piano stuff.


A Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo came out for PS4 and Switch. I played it quite a bit, and I think it's going to be a great game. Ultimate is quite challenging with new note patterns to wrap my head around, and lots of stuff to unlock.


The Emerald Warrior Ship -Boss- (2023): Working on an album called Hyperion II. The story is that after saving the galaxy in the first "game", Hyperion has become a wanted ship, and bounty hunters are after it to be claimed. It's going to be a boss rush.


Nicholas Satchell - Road to Nowhere: This is a song my brother wrote. One of my favorites. I contributed quite a few instruments to it as well, including the synth lead that sings alongside his singing. I will put an instrumental in the comments.


I find myself stuck in a loop of eventual "wanting to give up" on trying to be social. I want to share my music, but hardly anyone listens, and it makes me wonder if I'm bad at music, or people just don't give a fuck about it. Endless goddamn loop.


Enigmatic by Design (2014): One of my darker songs, written different than most of my music. The intent was to write a song that wasn't as repetitive as my usual work. Also, Conundrum and Bass 3 and (soon) Slumber will be on Digital Streaming Services.


Epic (2021): CHIPS IV is a really good album, and this is one of my favorite songs. I'm listening to my music more than usual, trying to determine some things. Hoping I can figure out a way to make it easier for people to find music they might enjoy.


Not sure what kind of album to work on next. I have a few ideas. "Super/Mega Chips", instead of 8-bit, I switch to either SNES or Genesis sound. Maybe Conundrum and Bass 4. Spectrum III, CHIPS VI, or perhaps something new and experimental. Thoughts?


I released a new album "Slumber". 10 tracks, free to download as always. These are chill tracks leaning in Lofi territory (basically my interpretation). One and only extra special bump!


Scheduled a physical for next month. Haven't had one since I was a teenager I think. Don't remember. Next month is also me and my girlfriend's 23rd anniversary. And then the month after, we both gain a year in age! Time sure does move forward, huh.


Exceptional (2023): First song of the new year. Written for the album currently called "Slumber". I picked up a new upgrade to my main instrument library, so I got some fresh sounds to work with in all sorts of styles of music. Looking forward to writing.


Health Check: If you've seen my previous posts about it. I don't seem to have trouble swallowing food at the moment. I can't find the "lump" in my throat that concerned me. Still going to see a doc. Gonna be 42 in March. Wondering how much longer I got.


New album "Ad Lib - Vol. 10, Part 1" has been released. 10 tracks, free to download. All the music I wrote last year for various albums, decided to combine into one Ad Lib. Enjoy :) Bump


Happy New Year :) I bought Elden Ring. Played it for 45 minutes so far. Runs good, controls feel pretty nice. I died twice so far, mainly because I misjudge the distance between me and the enemies :p I hope I stick with it.


Since I probably can't do three albums at a time, I decided to combine the tracks I've written so far into what will be Ad Lib - Vol. 10, Part 1 for next year. I just need to write one more track. Hard to focus on music and gaming at the same time :/


Merry Christmas :) have a random VGM cover I made :p I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.


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