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My cohost is alphadeus. I just made it so i cannot post, but once i get my pc fixed i’ll start following folks. I don’t know what I’m going to do with social media. I’ve grown annoyed with most of it. I hope you guys keep in touch. Much love.


Good news: The cpap is helping my sleep apnea immensely. From 100 incidents per hour, to 0.3 an hour. It’s also easier to sleep with the mask on. Next appointment is diabetic nutrition. I cut back on new docs because it’s expensive even just copays.


I hate this feeling of either becoming irrelevant, or possibly always being irrelevant. Watching my music view counts drop to single digits. I guess I’m just not good, or mainstream enough. Most of my views were mysterious anyway. Oh well.


In case you missed my previous qpost, my AIO liquid cooler in my pc is getting air bubbles. I ordered a fan, and a friend of mine will help me replace it when it arrives. I started a clan in D4 called Hungry Boots in case anyone wants to join :p


My PC started making a weird noise. Turns out there is air in the liquid cooler (I watched vids that had the same noise). Not sure if problem will resolve itself (I tried tilting the PC), or if it is going to be an issue. Started a day ago.


Been playing Diablo 4. Awesome game :) Was looking into either making a clan, but first wanted to see if anyone made a clan for Dtoid people? Alphadeus#1927 is my battle net.


They call me Mr. 3000! This is Bejeweled HD on the iPad. I've been playing Zen mode (endless) for a very long time, and I finally hit level 3,000. Just matching tons of gems over the span of (I think) 3 different iPads. Also tried to get all 8's.


150+ hours later, got the ending of Zelda: TotK. Love the game very much. Will continue to play it until I get tired of it :P Maybe now I can start writing music again? :)


A New World Formed -Event- (2021) - Based on an incomplete project by my friend apaleblueeye. Written for Magic Coins Gold Vol. 1, one of my most disappointing albums (not many downloads or listens), makes me not want to complete the other two volumes.


Alphadeus Cover - Area 3 (Blaster Master NES): Video is unlisted for the time being, only sharing with you guys until the end of the month or so. I wrote it for a friendly music discord comp. I tried to write Solstice title screen but no luck :P


Trance of Insanity (2023): I was able to take the MIDI data from the 2009 version to make this one. Had to change the instruments. I did this so I wouldn't have to rewrite it. I no longer have the original version in WAV format to upload to an album.


Didn't need a Mammogram. Ultrasound was enough to determine that the mass I had a few months ago under my right nipple isn't there anymore. I don't have any doctor appointments next month, got a few in June though. Esophagus, Diabetic nutrition, etc.


Dance of Insanity (2023): I have been wanting to write an updated version of this song for decades. It's my first final battle boss theme that I wrote back in 1998 or so. Title is obviously inspired by Dancing Mad from FFVI (I was young :P).


EA should make a 3-D FPS featuring different heroes with loot boxes and season passes version of Bejeweled.


New album "Ad Lib - Vol. 10, Part 2" has been released. 10 tracks. Free download. Has a ton of good tracks I feel. This might be my last album for a while as I adjust to new things.


I'm responding well to all the new medications (and increase in dosage of one of them). I also got my CPAP machine set up. It's pretty neat. Requires distilled water to keep me from getting dried out during sleep. Also doing well with new diet.


The Power Within (2023): Put a lot of effort into this song. 5 1/2 minutes long :) I gotta write one more track to finish this Ad Lib volume. I started up FFV and FFVI on PS4 (VI for my girlfriend, V to play when I'm alone). Good times :)


Health/Medical news in the comments (eventually). I'm doing fine, nothing to worry about.


#selfietoid Not really sure why my face is red. Probably from the decades of drinking? I quit drinking recently since it's killing me :P


I listen to my music a lot. Listening to the old Songs for Gamers albums makes me sad, because a lot of people I've lost contact with, or they disappeared. I'm really glad you guys are around still :) Maybe I'll write more music for the community


Pearl the Noble (2023): I'm back on Adderall, which means I can start writing music again. I tried to write stuff while off the med, but it just doesn't work. I can't sort out the noise in my head.


Went to my doctor today. Got a lot of medical stuff scheduled. Got my flu shot and most recent covid vaccine I was missing. Also figured out a way to help GF pay her portion of the rent. I bumped this Qpost with all the medical details.


Good news: Adderall has shipped, should be here in a few days. More Good news: recent donations to the gofundme have covered the cell phone plan. Worrying news: No word from unemployment. If they don't respond by the 5th of April, we can't pay full rent.


The further I get away from my last adderall, the harder it is to channel this seemingly unlimited amount of mental energy into anything productive. I really hope they replenish soon. This could be another year where I only release like 1 or 2 albums :(


My girlfriend was let go from her job on the 1st of Feb. She put up a GoFundMe. Unemployment should respond soon, but it's getting close to the end of the month and some bills aren't covered :/


I feel like I haven't posted in a while. I'm finally affected by the Adderall shortage, so I've been withdrawing the past 4 days or so. Mostly headaches, which ibuprofen seems to help with. Still waiting to hear from unemployment. Download an album! :p


Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had been checking my phone all day, and just about every time, there was a new post to make me feel warm inside :) I'll keep you posted on my health (seems ok atm), and our financial situation, hopefully with good news.


I don't know if it's stress from the situation, or my bad habits finally catching up to me, but I feel like my heart is going to give out sooner rather than later. It's usually nothing, but if it's something, thanks for the love and support over the years


I've done a lot in Theatrhythm so far. I've played every song + DLC on expert and ultimate. I'm slowly improving at ultimate, even dipping my toes in some Supreme songs. Still having a great time after 130 hours of play time. Hope everyone is doing well.


Man I am not doing well at all. After my last drinking session back on the 3rd, I woke up and my heart was racing. Really fast. It's fine now. I guess I gotta stop drinking. Things are not looking good with my GF either money-wise :/ Feeling bad.


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