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New Music: The Divide (2016)



Hello, friends. As you may or may not know, I am Alphadeus, the resident composer of fun jams. I wanted to share with you what I've been working on in 2016. I already wrote about 2AD16 – I. I've also put together a 2AD16 – II, and a chiptune album called "CHIPS". Each album is available on my Bandcamp for $1 a piece (you can get my entire discography of 21 albums for $9.50).


I'm putting this in a separate paragraph, if you want any album for free, let me know, and I'll change the price to free for you. The reason I put a price on my music nowadays is because I'm trying to give them value. I'm perfectly happy giving the music away for free to anyone that asks.


This blog post is about a special album I just created. It's called The Divide. It's a sequel to A Well-Known Stranger, an older album from 2012 that is also very serious and emotional.


A Well-Known Stranger tells the story of a man released from prison, trying to find himself, and ultimately losing his mind and sick to the point where he is dying. The Divide picks up from there, with the main character being saved by a scientist named Doctor Ramses.


I should note that I am pretty awful at telling stories, but I'll try my best to describe each track. Also my spelling sucks :P


The Divide


01- The Brink of Death : Weakened to the point of dying, the man accepts that he is going to die out on the streets alone. A scientist comes across his body, stabilizes him, and brings him back to his laboratory. When the man wakes up, Doctor Ramses introduces himself.


02- Mad Scientist : Doctor Ramses offers the man an opportunity to "remove his inner demons that he has been struggling with all his life". While not sure what he means, the man accepts his offer. He finds himself strapped to an unusual machine with an empty platform next to his.


03- The Divide : Doctor Ramses turns on the machine, and it begins to separate the man into two beings. The process is painful, and after it completes, the man is now 2 separate beings. One of pure light, the other is darkness. The division was a success.


04- Good and Evil : The 2 beings act independently of one another. Neither of them are happy with the transformation, as it has turned them into faceless "monsters". The doctor does not care, and locks them away in separate cells to be experimented on later.


05- Experimentation : The doctor performs numerous experiments on them to see how they function together, as well as apart. He learns a lot about how they are still connected. They can hear each other's thoughts regardless of where they are. They can also communicate to each other. They also have the ability to "merge" into a superior being that amplifies their individual powers. Light is a defensive being, able to create shields from this body to protect himself. Darkness can create sharp blades and weapons at will.


06- Plan to Escape the Lab : After the doctor finishes his experiments, he locks them in separate parts of the laboratory. They communicate with each other, trying to figure out a way to escape the lab. As they are close to finding a way out using their abilities, an alarm begins to sound.


07- Evacuation : The alarm sounds, and their cages open. They figure this is a blessing, and they head out to find an exit. The only paths they come across lead downstairs, and they are unable to find any exits on the way to the bottom. Other experiments were let loose in the lab, and many of them were hostile and needed to be fought. They finally found their way to the bottom floor, and what they see surprises them.


08- The Failed Experiment ~Chimera~ : In the last room of the lab, they see Doctor Ramses standing at the top of a platform, with a gigantic Chimera trying to reach him. Eventually, the Chimera spots the 2 beings, and a battle takes place. After a long fight, the two beings are successful in killing the Chimera. The doctor thanks them.


09- Doctor Ramses : Thinking that they have earned the respect of the doctor, the two beings let their guard down. Instead, the doctor attacks them, leading to a final showdown.


(PHASE ONE) The doctor transforms into a large, muscular being, half dark, half light, similar to the two beings' appearance. The battle continues, with the doctor at a disadvantage against the two beings. He retreats to where the Chimera's body is, and drinks the Chimera's blood, transforming him into a beast.


(PHASE TWO) The doctor begins to get the upper hand in the battle with his newfound strength. The two begins are left in a weakened state. Before the doctor could finish them off, he falls down, and begins to lose his beast form, as well as his dual form. The Chimera blood attacked the cells in his body that gave him the power he had.


(PHASE THREE) Weakened, the two beings manage to defeat the doctor. Darkness wants to kill him, but Light tries to stop him. Ultimately, darkness succeeds in killing the doctor.


10- Freedom : With the doctor gone, they are free to exit the laboratory. They decide to go their separate ways, but it's possible there will be times in the future where they need to work together to help the world. But that's a story for another day.


As you can clearly tell, I'm horrible at writing stories :p I just thought I could give some details explaining why each song was written. I do not have plans on writing a third album yet, but if I do, it will most likely revolve around them working together to fight a powerful enemy. I apologize for my poor storytelling, but I at least hope you enjoy the music. ^^


Thanks for reading.


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