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New Album (with a story!): Magic Coins Soundrack


Hello, I wrote an album of music with a very basic story idea that might be full of holes called Magic Coins Soundtrack, but it was an exercise in rewriting old music for a new purpose (as well as a few new songs).

It's important to note 2 things. I'm not a good storyteller, and I absolutely suck at writing coherent stories :p

With that said, this is the path I chose for the album.

1) Magic Coins -Title Screen- : The story takes place on a magical world. Humans use magic in their lives to make tasks easier to accomplish. The main character, Leo, uses a form of magic called "Flying Weapon Style". He carries many weapons to a battle, and can control them all with telekinesis. Whether it is to arm himself with a weapon from a distance, or throw/swing a weapon at an enemy without touching it, Flying Weapon Style allows for many options in combat.

He learned Flying Weapon Style from his teacher and mentor, Orion. Leo also teaches the style to students at a school in his hometown, Ruran Village.

Leo is around 30 years old, and married.

2) Technological Menace -Opening Event- : Leo has a dream of a world in danger. Being overrun with metallic creatures he has never seen before. They kill people, and leave nothing but destruction behind. They are called "Machines". In his dream, he sees a man that appears to be able to control the machines. The man sets them loose on innocent people to be killed. Before Leo can get a better look at the man, he wakes up.

3) Time to Wake Up -Event- : Leo wakes up in his home. His wife has prepared a lunch for him to take to school (where he teaches Flying Weapon Style). They have a conversation, and Leo sets off to go to school.

4) A Day at the School -Area- : The school is very large, and teaches more than combat and magic. Leo walks around the school, greeting students and fellow teachers. He opens the door to his classroom, and sees a familiar face.

5) Greetings, Old Friend -Event- : Sitting at Leo's desk, is a long time friend named Axel. They greet each other, and have a conversation where they catch up on things. Axel stops the conversation to ask if he knew where Orion was, but Leo did not know. After a little more conversation, Leo says goodbye to his friend.

The classroom has a basement for supplies (weapons and such), and Leo hears noises coming from the basement.

6) Infestation in the Basement -Dungeon- : Leo investigates the noises he hears, and discovers very small, metallic creatures similar to the ones he saw in his dream. He is attacked by a group of them, and uses his power to control weapons to fight back.

7) Enemy Attack!! -Battle- : This song plays during early battles in the game with normal monsters.

After clearing the basement, Leo sees a rather large machine. This one proves to be a lot stronger than the ones he just faced.

8) Battle the Beast!! -Boss- : This song plays during early battles with bosses.

Leo manages to defeat the large machine. Examining the remains, Leo has a vision.

9) Premonition -Event- : Leo sees images similar to his dream, except there is a warrior fighting the machines. A man that looks like his teacher, Orion. In his vision, Orion is killed by a machine unlike anything he has seen so far.

After his vision, Leo decides to try to locate his teacher to warn him. The Tavern in town is the best place for information.

10) Ruran Village -Town- : This song plays in Leo's hometown, Ruran Village. Before Leo heads to the tavern, he asks locals if they have seen Orion, but no one has. He goes to the Tavern.

11) The Drinking Song -Tavern- : Plays in most taverns. After asking around, Leo finds out that Orion may be in the next town over.

12) The Great World -Overworld- : Plays whenever Leo is walking around the overworld between towns. He does encounter machines to fight along the way.

13) Traveling Merchants -Shop- : A group of merchants are always outside the town Leo decides to visit. They sell weapons, armor, and items to help Leo on his journey.

14) Pleasant Township -Town- : Second town in the game. A Lively place filled with happy people. The scene in the local tavern is different, as there is a woman looking for help to find her lost child in the nearby fields. Leo agrees to help find the child.

15) Good Times -Dungeon- : Although considered a dungeon, the area is quite beautiful. A large open field with strangely happy people dancing, even with the threat of machines in the area. Leo fights through the machines, and makes his way to what could be considered the center of the fields. He encounters a very large machine.

16) The Creature -Boss- : This machine seems different than the ones he had been fighting so far. Leo can hear a song coming from the machine, that makes him feel a sense of happiness. He manages to defeat the machine, and discovers something horrifying.

17) Sadness -Event- : Plays during sad events. Leo approaches the defeated machine, and inside is the body of the child he was looking for. The child is dead, but does not have any wounds, meaning Leo did not kill the child in battle. The machine absorbed the child, and put a spell on the people in the area, causing them to dance and be happy against their will. They return to normal after the defeat of the machine.

What is the purpose of these abominations? And where is Orion? Leo pondered these questions. He decides to check the next town.

18) A Simple Town -Town- : A peaceful town. Leo goes to the local tavern for information. A man tells him that Orion was just there, and mentioned heading to Rispar Village next. However, no one knew the way to the village. It is protected by a magic forest where the trees shift and change to confuse anyone that enters.

Needing to find his master, Leo decides to enter the Maze of Trees in hopes of finding Rispar Village.

19) Maze of Trees -Dungeon- : As mentioned, the trees in the forest move around, making it nearly impossible to know which direction a person is headed. When Leo gets lost, he is attacked by machines.

20) Destroy All Machines -Battle- : This song plays during all battles from this point on. Leo manages to defeat the group of machines, and saves a fairy in the process. The fairy, unable to communicate in Leo's language, uses body language to indicate that she can lead him through the forest. Leo follows the fairy, and they see several other fairies trying to fight off a rather large machine.

21) Primortis -Boss- : Again, Leo is surprised by what this new machine can do. This machine can speak, and introduces itself as Primortis. Leo tries to use this opportunity to get information about the machines, and why they are hostile. The machine refuses to answer any question, and a battle occurs.

Leo defeats Primortis.

22) Dance of the Fairy -Event- : After being saved by Leo, the fairies get together and perform a dance that opens up the way to Ladybug Road, which leads to Rispar Village. Leo walks down the road, which appears to be a straight path to the village.

23) Ladybug Road -Area- : A peaceful area with a single road seemingly made of golden rocks. There are no machines in this area. Leo travels down the road to Rispar Village.

24) Rispar Village -Town- : A beautiful, lively town that appears to have a festival going on when Leo arrives. He asks the locals if they had seen Orion. One local points to the nearby tavern. Leo heads to the tavern.

25) The Entertainer -Event- : Walking through the front door of the tavern, Leo sees Orion on a stage in the center. He is juggling weapons he creates out of thin air to entertain the large crowd. Orion is also very drunk. After the show, Leo approaches Orion.

26) I Found You -Event- : Exchanging greetings, the two have a conversation about the machines, Leo's vision, and his journey through the different towns and areas. Orion was completely clueless, having walked down the same path in the earlier days, and not seeing any machines.

As they speak, there is a loud noise outside the tavern. They exit the tavern to see people running away from a gigantic machine surrounded by smaller machines. Leo and Orion engage the machines in combat.

27) Battle with Syn -Boss- : The large machine sees Orion and Leo, and introduces itself as Syn. Leo attacks the surrounding machines, but his weapons can not break their hardened shells. Syn mentions how the machine army is growing stronger, and asks Orion for his coin. This is the first Leo has heard about any coin.

Orion tells Leo that it is with the coin's power, that he is able to create powerful weapons out of thin air. He creates an arsenal of swords, spears, and other weapons at Leo's feet. Using these weapons, Leo is able to destroy the surrounding machines, and they both take on Syn.

Syn is by far the strongest, and smartest machine Leo has faced. After a long battle, it seems like they might win, but Leo misses an attack, giving Syn an opportunity to kill him. Orion pushes Leo out of the way, and takes the hit. At the same time, Orion shoves a spear into the core of Syn. As Syn begins to deteriorate, a man jumps out from the vanishing machine. It is Axel, Leo's longtime friend.

Axel is responsible for the machine army. He controls the power of another coin, that allows him to summon machines to fight for him. Instead of attacking Leo, he backs off and runs away.
Leo runs over to the dying Orion.

28) Last Words of a Dying Man -Event- : Orion, using the last of his time, tells Leo about the prophecy. That there would be a great war between the two coin bearers. He gives Leo the coin, and tells him to head to Lahn Castle in the sky, to recruit their army for the upcoming war.

Orion dies.

Upon receiving the coin, Leo is instantly given the knowledge of how to use the coin.

29) Warrior's Rest -Event- : Leo buries Orion just outside of Rispar Village, and says a few words at his grave site. He talks about how Orion's teachings and knowledge helped shape Leo into the man he is today.

30) Light at the End of the Tunnel -Event- : After the funeral, Leo starts to experiment with the coin, summoning weapons, using his Flying Weapon Style to attack with them, and even summoning a field of weapons. He understands the power of the coin, that he is meant to supply an army with weapons powerful enough to destroy the machines.

After learning how to use the coin, he returns to the Tavern in Rispar Village, looking for information on how to get to Lahn Castle. The owner of the Tavern shows Leo an armored flight suit left behind by Orion. Able to fly, and pointed in the right direction, Leo takes the flight suit and heads to Lahn Castle.

31) Flying Machine -Travel- : In his armored flight suit, able to fly at high speeds and altitude, Leo heads to Lahn Castle. Located on an island in the sky, Leo approaches the town right before the castle.

32) Azure Sky -Town- : A Peaceful town in the sky floating on a large island. It is a very large village, and the people there have wings. They are called "Angels" because of their ability to fly. Leo heads to the guards to warn them about the upcoming war. Familiar with the prophecy, they send Leo to Lahn Castle to speak with the king.

33) Lahn Castle -Area- : Leo approaches the king and introduces himself. The king knows why he is there, and tells him that he has prepared an army for this upcoming conflict. Leo and the army head to the great plains outside of the town, and see the approaching mechanical army.

34) The Dark War -Large Scale Battle- : Using the power of the coin, Leo summons more than enough weapons for the army to use against the machines. A great war begins. The army takes out the machines, while Leo watches from a distance, ensuring that the individuals in the army are properly armed. After most of the machines are wiped out, very large machine air vessels approach the battle area, Firing down at the army.

35) Warships Approach -Large Scale Battle- : Leo equips his armored flight suit, and takes to the skies to join the angels fighting the warships. After a lengthy battle, all of the warships are destroyed, disintegrating before they hit the ground. All that is left is a gigantic floating orb. Leo heads to the orb to confront what he assumes will be Axel waiting for him.

36) Against Their Will -Final Battle 1- : Leo reaches the throne room inside the floating orb, and sees Axel sitting on the throne waiting for him. After a conversation, Axel sends a wave of machines to attack Leo. Leo dispatches the wave easily, and then Axel asks Leo if he knew where the machines came from. Leo did not know.

The machines are created with the souls of the dead. Each machine holds 1 soul, and the power of the machine is based on the strength of the soul. The machines fight against their will for Axel.
Axel sends one large machine to fight Leo. The soul of his master, Orion. At first, Leo is unable to attack his own master. Orion attacks Leo, but Leo can tell that Orion is trying to hold back. Trying to resist the power of the coin. Looking into Orion's core, he can see his master telling him to attack him with all he has. It must be done.

Leo runs a spear through Orion's core, while Orion does nothing to prevent the attack. Axel sees this and becomes angry. Orion let Leo win. He went against Axel's control.

37) Consumed by Power -Final Battle 2- : Axel, angered by Orion's inaction, begins to taunt Leo, and tells him he can summon any dead person he wants. Perhaps he'll summon innocent townsfolk to be destroyed by Leo. Leo can face everyone he has ever loved and lost.

Axel begins summoning machines at a rapid pace. Surrounded by machines of all sizes, Axel gives the order to attack. The machines do not respond. Axel, becoming angry, yells at the machines to attack Leo, but they refuse.

Instead, they attack Axel. All of the machines converge on Axel, and become one giant machine with Axel as the core. The souls of the machine combine into one supreme being, known as God.
God is the ultimate form of the coin. It does not speak, and takes the form of a giant human with machine parts. It attacks Leo, and a battle for the fate of the world takes place.

After a long battle, Leo manages to defeat the machine God. With God defeated, the machine parts fall to the ground, and Leo can see Axel's body falling as well. Leo manages to catch him before he hits the ground.

38) Memories -Event- : All of the machines have been defeated. The souls are free from their mechanical prisons. The floating orb begins to fall apart and deteriorate. Axel is dying, and they have one last conversation. Why did you do all of this?

Axel was given the coin by a mysterious man, and told he would have great power. The coin corrupted Axel, causing him to fulfill his part of the prophecy. Leo asks Axel to show him the coin so he could destroy it. Axel agrees, but is unable to find the coin.

Neither of them knew the coin was taken back by the mysterious man during Leo's battle with Orion. The man summoned the large group of machines, not Axel. And they consumed Axel to become God, A machine with a human core.

Axel dies, and Leo escapes the collapsing orb. Not sure what happened to the other coin, Leo returns to Lahn Castle, where they celebrate their victory.

Although the story is set up for a sequel, there may not be one anytime soon.

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