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New Album "ANTHEMS" has been released.


Hello. Earlier this month I asked if people would be interested in having a song written for them. A type of "Theme Song" based on their musical tastes (and other factors). 25 people reached out to me, and 15 provided song titles and links to music to use as inspiration for their track. This album called "ANTHEMS" contains the first 15 songs written for the community.

I have not forgotten about the remaining people. I am going to reach out to them and see if they are still interested in a song, and it will be created for ANTHEMS VOL. 2. I need around 5 more people as well to match the quantity of tracks, so feel free to comment letting me know you're interested and I'll reach out to you if I can write a song.

Let's talk about ANTHEMS:

As mentioned, ANTHEMS is 15 tracks. Each track varies in genre and mood, based on what the person sent me as inspiration. Ultimately, the tracks sound like I wrote them, because I did. Here is the tracklist:

  • Anemoia (TheBlondeBass)
  • Bones and Black Magic (Xeo)
  • Dreamcrash (Perro)
  • F.O.G. (Robo Panda Z)
  • Forward Momentum (Roager)
  • Inward (Occams)
  • Lingering (SpikeyWiggedHero)
  • Quiet Mountain (Chronolynx)
  • Random Encounter (ZombieCorps)
  • Reckless Optimism (absolutfreak)
  • They Wanted a Hero, But I Wanted to Be Funky (siddartha85)
  • Tired (PhilKenSebben)
  • Twilight of the Revolution (Chimpomagee)
  • Unholy Machine (JustAaron)
  • Unwavering Will! (Nior)

I feel these are some really good songs. Definitely worth a listen. Maybe download it for free, maybe it's even worth some money! (but seriously, downloading for free is a great option).

If you like what you hear, consider checking out my Bandcamp, which contains 50+ albums, including "Songs for Gamers", the original "ANTHEMS" project I started back in 2011. All but 1 album is free (to enable the ability to buy my entire discography), so if you want, download away. Buying is not an obligation, and if you download for free, I only see it as a non-personal stat (it doesn't tell me who downloaded what).

I've been writing music since 1996. I started getting serious about it in 2007, and released my first album in 2011. So I've been somewhat professional for over 10 years. I also have some music on Spotify and other digital storefronts. I've written over 800 songs, so I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoy the music. I will be posting a second blog to gather information for ANTHEMS VOL. 2. Take care.

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PatBateman17   31
PhilKenSebben   30
Chris Moyse   28
Nior   22
TheBlondeBass   21
sp testure   21
Xeo   20
RiffRaff    17
Retrofraction   16
Funkotrons Finest   8
house4lyfe   8
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